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U.S. arms sales to Taiwan make Beijing jump on the ground to call for restraint (Photo) Missiles | Qiu Chuizheng |

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In response to the U.S. announcement of arms sales to Taiwan, Beijing announced that it would take measures and made solemn representations. The MAC has called on Beijing to exercise self-restraint. The picture shows the file photo of Qiu Chuizheng. (Image source: Central News Agency)

[See China February 11, 2022 News](See a comprehensive report by Chinese reporter Liu Shimin) announced against the United Statesarms sales to TaiwanBeijingClaimed to take measures and made solemn representations. Yesterday the Continental Committee (MAC) said that the government purchases necessary weapons and equipment, defends national sovereignty and democracy, and calls on Beijing to exercise self-restraint.In addition, in order to ensuremissileIn the past, Taiwan and the United States signed a missile maintenance contract, and the United States stationed in Taiwan for maintenance. According to the latest announcement of the Ministry of Defense, the contract has been extended to 2025.

According to the “Central News Agency” report, the U.S. State Department announced on the 7th that it has approved a five-year Patriot missile system engineering service plan worth $100 million to Taiwan, and this is the second time the Biden administration has sold arms to Taiwan. (Detailed report: US sales of “2.8 billion Patriot missile systems” to Taiwan responded by the Ministry of Defense)

Relevant units in Beijing have expressed their opposition in recent days: the Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressed opposition on the 8th, claiming that China “will definitely take proper and effective measures”; on the 8th, the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council also said that “Taiwan independence” will inevitably perish, and the United States should stop “playing with fire” on Taiwan-related issues. “The Ministry of National Defense stated on the 9th that the Chinese military will take all necessary measures to safeguard national sovereignty and territorial integrity.

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Qiu Chuizheng, deputy chairman and spokesman of the Mainland Affairs Council, said in a regular online press conference on the 10th that the Republic of China is a sovereign state and of course has the right to cooperate with countries including the United States in various fields, so Beijing does not accept it. Intimidating and erroneous remarks issued by the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council, the military and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Qiu Chuizheng continued that Beijing has never given up on using force to deal with cross-Strait issues. In recent years, it has also aggressively expanded its military force and intimidated Taiwan with frequent force, which not only undermines the status quo of cross-Strait relations, but also affects the stability and peace of the Indo-Pacific region.

Qiu Chuizheng said that the government has demonstrated its firm determination in self-defense, purchased necessary weapons and equipment, and defended national sovereignty and democracy, which is a manifestation of maintaining peace and responsibility.

In addition, since the Harpoon missiles currently owned by Taiwan are the Navy’s “submarine-launched” UGM-84L, the Air Force’s “air-launched” AGM-84L, and the Navy’s “ship-launched” RGM-84L, if the “shore-mounted” missiles purchased from the United States are “After the RGM-84L-4 arrives in Taiwan, it will have four types of harpoon missiles: submarine, air, ship and land launch.

A military source told reporters on the 11th that the maintenance contract with the US is currently signed, and the target does not include the latest purchase of shore-mounted Harpoon missiles from the US, so after discussing the content of the contract with the US, it was finally decided to extend the deadline to September 2025. Shore-mounted harpoon missiles are also included to ensure combat effectiveness.

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According to the “Announcement of Correction of Bid Award” published on the government electronic procurement website on the 10th, the maintenance contracts for various types of Harpoon missiles have been extended to September 2025, and due to the longer period of time, the amount has increased from the original 392.645 million yuan. Taiwan dollar increased to 1,112,682,707 yuan.

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