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U.S. Secretary of Ann’s new crown positive attended the event with Biden 3 days ago_Cass

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Original title: US Secretary of Ann’s new crown positive attended the event with Biden 3 days ago

China News Service, October 20th. According to comprehensive news, the spokesperson of the US Department of Homeland Security announced on the 19th that Secretary Majorcas tested positive for the new crown that morning. He has been vaccinated and has mild symptoms and will work in isolation at home until he recovers.

The US Ministry of Security spokesperson Martha Espinosa said in a statement that Mayorcas’s test that day was a routine test before the trip. The statement stated that Majorcas “currently only has mild nasal congestion.”

According to the picture on the social account of the US Department of Homeland Security, Secretary of State Majorcas and Biden attended the event together.

The Ministry of National Security stated that Majorcas will immediately be isolated and work from home in accordance with the CDC guidelines; the work of investigating close contacts has also begun.

Majorcas was originally scheduled to travel to Colombia with Secretary of State Blincoln, but his itinerary has been cancelled. He was also scheduled to attend the hearing of the Senate Judiciary Committee on the 21st. It is not clear whether he will attend the hearing in video form or whether the hearing will be held as scheduled.

Three days before Majorcas was diagnosed, that is, on October 16, he attended an event in Washington, DC with US President Biden and other dignitaries to commemorate the sacrificed law enforcement personnel.

The pictures at the scene showed that the location of Majorcas Station was next to the Bidens and FBI Director Christopher Ray. And because it was an outdoor activity, no one was wearing a mask.

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However, the White House stated that because the contact occurred outside the 48-hour close contact window, Biden was not identified as a close contact of Majorcas.Return to Sohu to see more


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