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Ubisoft CEO defends full price of pirate game despite live service elements

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Ubisoft CEO defends full price of pirate game despite live service elements

Pirate fans almost didn’t believe in it anymore, but Ubisoft’s Skull and Bones is actually about to be released: another open beta, then the game will sail into purchasable waters.

The way there was long and difficult, because Skull and Bones is now in development for more than ten years and would certainly have been discontinued long ago if a deal with the Singapore government had not required it to be completed. And although the game smells like a live service with new updates and the online requirement, it is supposed to be Full price of 59.99 euros sail into the virtual harbors.

Full price instead of free-to-play: Ubisoft CEO defends Skull and Bones

It’s time again Financial reports and associated telephone conferences: Ubisoft also held a corresponding Q&A session in which the question arose as to why Skull and Bones was not released as a release despite the recently revealed roadmap with a whole year of updates Free-to-Play-Live-Service-Titel is handled, but should cost the classic full price of just under 60 euros.

Ubisoft-CEO Yves Guillemot of course has an answer to this question and bases the decision on it Gre of the Piratespiels (via VGC): You will see that Skull and Bones is a fully fledged game. It’s very big and we think people will really see how massive and complete the game is. It’s a complete triple quadruple-A game that will deliver in the long run. The statement is clear, at least as far as the development time of more than ten years is concerned, but whether this will benefit Skull and Bones remains to be seen.

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As with most AAA productions or those that, according to the responsible CEOs, even go beyond that, Skull and Bones is not only offered for 59.99 euros. Who already three days before the actual release want to go, have to another 30 tacks You can pay more to buy the premium edition, which, in addition to early access, also includes a few virtual bonuses such as the art book or the soundtrack.

If you’re not sureIf even one of the two prizes for Ubisoft’s pirate adventure is worth it, take a look at our, admittedly somewhat older, preview of Skull and Bones. A little more up-to-date and also helpful when making a possible purchase decision: The open beta for Skull and Bones, which is already available has been running since February 8th and should last until the 11th.

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