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Udinese market – Hunt for post Beto / The last name comes from France

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Udinese market – Hunt for post Beto / The last name comes from France

Udinese continues to work on the market, as Beto’s farewell continues to approach. Here’s all the latest on a possible replacement

The future of the Portuguese striker now seems to be written. This summer the center forward Beto will start as soon as the first team manages to place the offer from 35 million euros. We are talking about a certainly important figure for a team that has a great desire to make a difference and is already moving on the market in search of a possible replacement. We remind everyone that the patron Pozzo has already secured the arrival of Brenner directly from Cincinnati for more than ten million euros, but this may not be enough to strengthen the team in the best possible way. In the last few hours, other profiles are also being probed, given that the attack is about to change totally during this summer.

The last name put under observation is that of Mama Baldè. Player born in 1996 who currently plays in the first category of French football. This season with his Troyes has gone particularly well, as he managed to score twelve goals in just thirty-three appearances. An excellent average for a striker who could now look for a qualitative leap in his career. Not only Udinese on himindeed the competition seems to be really wide and we expect a match up to the last increase and the last offer. Let’s go and see the price tag of the center forward born in Guinea Bissau but with a double Portuguese passport.

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The cost of the tag

His rating is around eight million euros. A suitable figure that would add to the expense for Brenner and would form a new attack made up of both quality and a lot of physicality. We’ll see in the coming weeks if the decisive thrust will actually arrive and this will be the final renewal for the Juventus team’s attack. Quickly changing the subject, don’t miss all the latest in view of the next championship match. Max Allegri can smile, a midfielder recovered <<

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