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Udinese – The captain is the last to leave the ship: focus on the best

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Udinese – The captain is the last to leave the ship: focus on the best

After yesterday afternoon’s match against Salernitana, Udinese’s situation is disheartening to say the least. Here is the focus on the man of the match

Udinese seems to have fully and definitely have pulled the plug. Andrea Sottil’s team, after closing the first half ahead by two goals to zero, managed to get Salernitana to come back and in the final there was even the mockery that led to the fifth consecutive defeat. A difficult situation for the team, but a moment in which it is really difficult to find a solution. Injuries and disqualifications are the protagonists and in fact against the Old Lady next week it will be difficult to be able to take the field with a competitive eleven. In the meantime, let’s not waste any more time and go and see the focus on the best player on the pitch.

Never as in this situation can we confirm the statement: “The captain is the last to abandon shipYesterday Roberto Pereyra had a stoic performance given that he is the only one who tried for more than ninety minutes and who got furious with everything and everyone when things didn’t go his way. The first goal came from a his cross which probably would have been converted into a penalty if Zeegelaar hadn’t scored. a valuable assist by Ilja Nestorovski.

We talk about the future

When there is “El Tuco” at the center of the discourse, one can do nothing but talk about the future. The Juventus team must certainly do their best to be able to keep this player which is proving to be fundamental for the whole team. To date, the situation for the renewal is not the simplest, but we know that the club has a good relationship with its captain. Quickly changing the subject, don’t miss all the latest news from yesterday afternoon’s match. Here are the Salernitana-Udinese report cards <<

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