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Udinese – The point on Martins’ performances: the latest on the Brazilian

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Udinese – The point on Martins’ performances: the latest on the Brazilian

Udinese continues to work in view of the next meetings. In the meantime, don’t miss the latest on Matheus Martins and his performances

Udinese continue to work in view of the next championship matches. To be exact, today is a day of rest in Udine, but we certainly need to make a decisive turn in view of Sunday afternoon’s match against Sassuolo. Surely you can no longer make mistakes on the pitch and now comes the time when Udinese must show what they’re worth even in difficulties to be able to get back up and win a place in the next European race. At the same time, a Juventus player is gaining experience on the other side of Europe, more precisely in England. Let’s see the latest performance of Matheus Martinswith the Watford shirt on his shoulders.

The last game played by Martins it must be placed without a doubt among the most important matches played by the Brazilian in his new experience. Just against Reading has arrived his first assist in this new experience and overall also a convincing performance from all points of view. Udinese can’t wait to be able to welcome a talent with these abilities, also because today the question concerning the lack of goals has to be resolved. You have to work tirelessly, but the real surprise today comes from the player who took advantage of the Brazilian’s assist. Let’s go see who it is.

A Juventus-themed assist

The ball is put into the net, the crowd cheers for the great play of Matheus Martins and above all for the goal of Ryan Porteous. Who? Porteous, that much sought-after central defender who would have been very useful for Giampaolo Pozzo’s club. Now he’s making sparks in London and in the climate of the Championship, who knows if in the (near) future there won’t be room for him too with the Udinese shirt. Quickly changing the subject, don’t miss the latest on yesterday afternoon’s match. Here are the Turin-Udinese report cards <<

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