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Ukraine attack on Russian city leaves five dead and 18 injured | AlMomento.net

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Russian Missile Attack Causes Deaths and Injuries in Belgorod

A missile attack in the Russian city of Belgorod has resulted in five deaths, including a minor, and 18 wounded, according to a Russian official. The attack, which occurred near the border with Ukraine, is believed to be the latest exchange of missiles and long-range projectiles between the two countries.

The Russian Defense Ministry stated that air defense systems destroyed 14 projectiles over the Belgorod region, adding that Ukrainian forces fired them from an RM-70 Vampire multiple rocket launcher around noon.

The city of Belgorod, located about 25 miles north of the Ukrainian border, has been a frequent target of Ukrainian operations, causing fear and uncertainty among the population. This latest attack comes after dozens of people were killed or injured in a previous attack over the New Year weekend.

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine has entered its second year and has primarily consisted of trench and artillery warfare, causing destruction but not significantly altering the front line. Russian long-range bombing has become a recurring tactic during the conflict.

In response to the Russian offensive, Ukraine’s Air Force stated that it intercepted 13 of the 26 missiles fired over the entire country. Additionally, missiles were launched against the capital of kyiv, the southern region of Zaporizhzhia, and Lviv in the west of the country.

The recent missile attacks have undermined President Vladimir Putin’s attempts to reassure the population that life in the country continues as normal. With casualties and destruction on both sides, the conflict shows no signs of easing, with the latest attacks representing a worrying escalation in hostilities.

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