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Ukraine, breaking news. Dnipro tragedy, final balance 45 dead. Moscow: Kyiv’s fault

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Ukraine, breaking news.  Dnipro tragedy, final balance 45 dead.  Moscow: Kyiv’s fault


According to the NYT, the United States is drawing on its deposit in Israel to send weapons to Ukraine. Putin is strengthening the army: Russia will have one and a half million soldiers by 2026. Meanwhile, Ukrainian President Zelensky lets it be known that Prime Minister Meloni ‘will soon be in Kiev’ and the Supreme Defense Council has reiterated the commitment of the Italy to defend the territorial sovereignty of Ukraine. A support that the president of the EU Commission von der Leyen has ensured “for as long as necessary”

Von der Leyen in Davos: “EU aid to Ukraine as long as it is needed”
  • Zelensky, we already have three Patriot air defense systems secured

    “We already have three batteries of ‘Patriot’ anti-aircraft missile systems guaranteed. But that’s just the beginning. We are working on new solutions to strengthen our air defense.” This was stated by the Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelensky, in his evening video message. Ukrainska Pravda reports it. “They will help us protect the sky from Russian missiles,” he explained.

  • Nyt, US send weapons to Ukraine from warehouse in Israel

    The United States is allegedly drawing on its depot in Israel to send weapons to Ukraine. The New York Times writes it citing American and Israeli sources. Israel has always publicly pledged not to provide military aid to Ukraine for fear of damaging relations with Moscow.

  • Ambassador Moscow to the UN, Dnipro tragedy Kiev’s fault

    The “tragedy” in Dnipro, where an apartment building was destroyed by a missile, is “Kiev’s fault”. This was stated by Russia’s ambassador to the UN, Vasily Nebenzya, at a meeting of the Security Council. Ria Novosti reports it.

    “A Russian missile fired at an infrastructure facility in the city was hit by the Ukrainian air defense forces – said Nebenzya – because the air defense installation was located in a residential area in violation of international humanitarian law, the downed missile fell on a residential building. If the Ukrainian authorities had listened according to the requirements of international humanitarian law, this tragedy would not have happened.”

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