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Ukraine, breaking news. Kiev under attack again, 52 Russian drones shot down

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Ukraine, breaking news.  Kiev under attack again, 52 Russian drones shot down


New explosions in Kiev, where the authorities report that “the air defense is in action”. The air raid alarm went off over the Ukrainian capital around 1 am local time (midnight in Italy), and is active in most regions of the country. One person died after some debris fell. Local authorities say they shot down 52 Russian drones overnight

Ukraine, the explosion of a Kiev maritime drone in the Black Sea
  • Kiev, Kharkiv region bombed, two civilians killed

    Two civilians, a woman and a man, were killed in last night’s shelling of Kharkiv region in eastern Ukraine, regional military chief Oleg Sinehubov said. Attacks hit Chuhuyiv, Kharkiv and Kupyansk. Intensive shelling also in Kolodyazne, Krasnoye Pervoye, Fikholovka, Novomlinsk, Dvurechnaya, Zapadnoye, Masyutovka, Kislovka, Berestovoye and Volchansk: there are injuries and destruction.

  • Meloni, we imagine it free and rebuilt also by Italian companies

    «We are convinced that Ukraine has the chance to be reborn even more prosperous than before and soon experience an economic miracle. And we are making our contribution to this too, as we did with the conference on reconstruction that we celebrated in Rome and which saw the participation of 600 Italian and 150 Ukrainian companies. We want to look beyond the war and the best way to do this is to imagine a free Ukraine also rebuilt by Italian companies».

    This was stated by the Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni, in an interview with «Messaggero», reiterating that «Italy acts and will continue to act in total harmony with the European Allies and within the context of the Atlantic Alliance, always having polar star the Italian national interest. That’s what we’ve done so far and will continue to do. For Italy, the protection of international law and the UN charter is of vital importance, starting with the inviolability of state borders. If the Russian invasion were not opposed firmly, a future of chaos awaits us in which the force of law would be replaced by the law of the strongest. And this is not convenient for Europe and it is not convenient for Italy. This is why helping Ukraine to have a future of peace and freedom is also in our interest”.

  • Kiev, bombed cities in east and west of Ukraine

    The air raids of the Russian army hit Zhytomyr in western Ukraine at five o’clock this morning, as reported by the public broadcaster Suspilne. Nikopol, in the eastern region of Dnepropetrovsk, was also bombed during the night, regional military chief Sergey Lysak announced: “Six homes and two buildings were destroyed. The pipeline and power lines were damaged. There were no deaths or injuries – that’s the main thing,” he wrote on Telegram

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