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Ukraine latest news. Biden, I’m ready to talk to Putin

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Ukraine latest news.  Biden, I’m ready to talk to Putin


The US president says he is ready to talk to the Russian president if he “wants to end the war”.

  • Tajani: working for a just peace for Ukraine

    “Italy is very interested and will support any political and diplomatic initiative that can lead to a just peace for Ukraine”. Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani says so in an interview with Repubblica. «The whole Atlantic Alliance, all the countries that want peace will be ready to talk to Putin if he really and concretely demonstrates that this is his genuine interest in him. I repeat, the time has come to work for a just peace for Ukraine».

  • The CDM approves the NATO decree

    Means, materials and military equipment will be supplied to Ukraine to fight the Russian invasion, even throughout 2023. After the go-ahead from the Chamber, the Council of Ministers approved the so-called NATO decree, to extend “until December 31 2023” and “subject to the address of the Chambers”, the measure. Just between the end of this year and the beginning of next, the sixth aid decree for Ukraine could arrive on the table of the government. The most accredited hypothesis is that of the ‘Aspide’ systems.

  • Biden, I’m ready to talk to Putin if he wants to end the war

    Biden opens up the possibility of talking to Putin, “if he shows signs of wanting to end the war”, for possible negotiations on Ukraine. In a meeting with Macron at the White House, the American president thus took a step towards dialogue. There was also talk of an international peace conference in Paris on 13 December which was surprisingly revealed between the lines of the bilateral communiqué. Macron continues to keep the door open to Putin, with whom he has announced that he wants to speak in the coming days, convinced that “negotiation is still possible”.

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