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Ukraine latest news. Burning ammunition depot near Belgorod in Russia

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Ukraine latest news.  Burning ammunition depot near Belgorod in Russia


The fire was allegedly caused by an air strike by two Ukrainian troops’ helicopters, which entered Russia at low altitude. Zelensky, two Russian missiles near Ukrainian nuclear power plants

Ukraine, Putin to Guterres: “Russia has nothing to do with Bucha events”
  • Gas flow to Poland resumed

    Gas supplies to Poland under the Yamal contract resumed today, having dropped to zero earlier, according to data from the European Union gas transport operator network shown earlier in the morning.

  • Three civilians killed and 7 wounded in bombing in Kharkiv

    Three civilians killed and 7 injured are the toll of the Russian bombing in the Kharkiv area. Kharkiv Region Governor Oleh Synegubov said Russia continues to heavily bomb the city of Kharkiv and the entire region, killing and injuring civilians. According to Kiev Indpendent, citing Ukrainian military sources, Russian troops are trying to gain a foothold in the Zaporizhzhia region. According to the military administration of Zaporizhzhia, as of April 26, Russian troops are preparing defensive positions in the area, including digging trenches and setting up minefields.

  • US, talk of nuclear weapons is irresponsible

    “The speeches on nuclear weapons, on nuclear escalation are particularly irresponsible, it is the culmination of irresponsibility.” US State Department spokesman Ned Price said, commenting on the words of Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov that the world should not underestimate the threat of nuclear war. For Price, it was an attempt to distract from what he described as Russia’s failure in Ukraine. The spokesman added that the United States is still paying close attention to “Russia’s activities, what they are doing and what they are not doing”.

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