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Ukraine, latest news. G7 and Australia join EU on Russian oil price cap

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Ukraine, latest news.  G7 and Australia join EU on Russian oil price cap


Putin remains “open to talks”, but it is impossible for Russia to accept the condition set by the US for the negotiations on Ukraine, ie that Moscow’s troops first leave Ukrainian territory. Biden had opened up the possibility of talking to Putin, as long as he shows “signs of wanting to end the war”. On December 13 international conference in Paris to collect aid for Kiev. Putin defines the line of Western countries, “including Germany”, as “destructive”, accusing them of the weapons supplied to Kiev

Ukraine, exchange of 50 prisoners with Russia: the video
  • Russian embassy in the USA, “oil price cap redefines free market principles”

    The price cap on Russian oil introduced by the G7 which will come into force on Monday means, in fact, the redefinition of the principles of the free market, commented the Russian embassy in Washington. “Hiding behind noble principles, Washington strategists maintain a wall of silence on the fact that the imbalances in the energy markets result from their malign actions, starting with the sanctions against Russia and the ban on energy imports from our country”, reads the note. “With the tenacity required for better goals, the collective West is seeking to redefine the principles underlying the free market. Steps like this will inevitably result in greater uncertainty and higher costs for consumers for raw materials. And from now on, no country will be immune to the introduction of price caps of all kinds on its exports”.

  • Ukraine: “US not surprised by Russian reaction to Biden”

    The United States is not surprised by Russia’s reaction to Joe Biden’s words about a possible talks with Vladmir Putin but under specific conditions. Biden’s statements were not intended to indicate any policy change or show a relinquishment of commitment to ensure that the Ukrainian leadership decides when and how to deal with the end of the war, The New York Times reported, citing administration officials. Biden still believes talks will be necessary but he doesn’t believe direct talks with Putin will be possible unless things on the ground change.

  • G7 and Australia join EU on Russian oil price cap

    The G7 countries and Australia have joined the European Union in adopting the $60 a barrel price cup for Russian oil. A key step as Western sanctions aim to sort out the global oil market to prevent soaring prices and deprive President Vladimir Putin of funding for his war in Ukraine. An EU embargo on Russian oil shipped by sea and an insurance ban on such supplies will come into force on Monday.

    Price cap, what have they decided in the EU?
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