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Ukraine, latest news. Kiev: The West will send 321 tanks

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Ukraine, latest news.  Kiev: The West will send 321 tanks


On Memorial Day, Russian President Putin accuses Kiev of ‘neo-Nazi crimes’. Meanwhile, his spokesman Peskov says that Biden holds the key to ending the conflict, but he does not want to do it. And that former US president Trump is right about tanks, when he says they aggravate the escalation. Defense Minister Crosetto: “With the Russian tanks in Kiev, the third world war, the new arms decree possible next week”

Ukraine, EU: “Never so many war crimes in history”
  • Madrid, Leopard tanks in Kiev in the spring

    The Spanish defense minister, Margarita Robles, has ensured that the Leopard tanks that Spain will send to Ukraine will arrive in the country “around spring”: this was reported by the Spanish radio and television station Rtve. Robles did not indicate how many tanks Madrid will deliver to Kiev, but she explained that they will be German-made Leopard 2 A4s, currently in disuse at the Zaragoza base. The tanks will be overhauled and repaired in cooperation with the military industry, she stressed. “Spain, in coordination and based on meetings with partners and allies, will contribute Leopard 2 A4s in good working order, and for this we will have the support of industry… It is not just about sending tanks, but to train crews and maintenance,” said Robles during a visit to the Spanish troops stationed in Latvia as part of the NATO deployment in the country. “We will look into the necessary repairs. According to the plans of the allies (sending) will take place in the spring. Before that, the physical presence of the Leopards would not be necessary and we will use this period for training,” she added. Robles explained that Germany had sent a letter to Spain asking for cooperation in training the crews.

  • Kiev, Russia prepares offensive for February 24th

    Russia is preparing a new wave of offensives against Ukraine for February 24, exactly one year after the start of the invasion. In this sense, in recent days, the Russian armed forces have tested Ukraine’s defense capabilities near Zaporizhzhia. The secretary of the Council for National Security and Defense of Ukraine, Oleksii Danilov, stated on Radio Svoboda, adding the Russian objective is to expand the borders” of the eastern oblasts of Donetsk and Luhansk. According to Danilov, the coming months will be very difficult for Ukraine “as Russia intensifies its offensives and Ukraine awaits much-needed arms deliveries recently promised by Western allies”.

  • Ambassador Kiev, the West will send 321 tanks

    Western countries will send more than 300 tanks to Ukraine: the Ukrainian ambassador to France, Vadym Omelchenko, said in an interview with the French television station and CNN affiliate, BFMTV. CNN reports it on its website. “To date, several countries have officially confirmed their agreement for the delivery of 321 heavy tanks to Ukraine,” Omelchenko said without specifying the countries or indicating the models of the various tanks destined for Kiev. So far, among the countries that have pledged to send tanks to Ukraine are the US, Germany, the UK, Canada and Poland.

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