Home World Ukraine latest news. US prepares new arms shipment worth $ 1.1 billion

Ukraine latest news. US prepares new arms shipment worth $ 1.1 billion

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Ukraine latest news.  US prepares new arms shipment worth $ 1.1 billion


Michel, urgent investigation into Nord Stream sabotage

Gas leaks from Nord Stream into the Baltic Sea
  • Kiev, mobilized Russian detainees arrived at the front

    “In the Russian occupation forces, the reception of personnel called to partial mobilization has begun.” These are troops that «have not carried out any training. Furthermore, the Russians are continuing the so-called ‘self-mobilization’ measures at the same time as the partial mobilization. People convicted of criminal offenses have come to reinforce the units that are already fighting in Ukraine ». This was declared by the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the usual daily report.

  • Agreement between the Afghan Taliban and Russia on gas and grain

    The Taliban signed an agreement with Russia for the supply of petrol, diesel, gas and grain to Afghanistan. This was stated – as reported by the Reuters agency – by the Afghan Minister of Trade and Industry ad interim, Haji Nooruddin Azizi. Azizi added that Russia has proposed a discount on average commodity prices. The agreement provides for the supply of approximately one million tons of gasoline, one million tons of diesel, 500,000 tons of LPG and two million tons of wheat per year.

  • Poland: if Russia uses the atomic bomb, NATO’s response will be devastating

    Polish Foreign Minister Zbigniew Rau said NATO’s response to any use of nuclear weapons by Russia in Ukraine will be “devastating”. In an interview with the NBC talk show ‘Meet the Press’, the minister, visiting Washington, warned that if Putin were to use the atomic bomb, NATO would react “in a conventional way”, therefore not using a nuclear weapon, ” but the answer will be devastating ». “This is the message the Alliance is sending to Russia right now,” added the Warsaw minister.

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