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Ukraine-Russia: news on the war of May 28, 2022. Agreement on oil embargo postponed

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Ukraine-Russia: news on the war of May 28, 2022. Agreement on oil embargo postponed

We have entered the 96th day of the war in Ukraine and, after the diplomatic pressure of the last few days by various European capitals, Ankara also returns in an attempt to open dialogue between Vladimir Putin and Volodymyr Zelensky, in order to bring about a ceasefire the fire and to enter into serious negotiations between Moscow and Kiev. Recep Tayyip Erdogan himself announced the calls for the next few hours to the Russian and Ukrainian presidents, complete with confirmation from the Kremlin. Meanwhile, the Ukrainian president paid a visit to Kharkhiv, a city freed from the counter-offensive and Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov called for the demilitarization of Ukraine.
In terms of sanctions, a new black smoke on the oil embargo paves the way for the extraordinary European summit and risks turning the summit into a sensational confrontation. The Sherpas of the member countries have not been able to find an understanding on the scheme of understanding prepared by the Commission, which provided for the exemption for crude oil coming from the Friendship pipeline, which connects Russia to Hungary, Germany and Poland. But the latest concession put on the table by the EU in Budapest was not enough.
High attention in Italy for a massive cyberattack threatened by pro-Russian hackers and defined by them as “irreparable”.

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00.30 – NATO deputy secretary: “The Alliance has the right to take sides in Eastern Europe”
NATO is no longer bound by past commitments to refrain from deploying its forces in Eastern Europe. This was stated on Sunday by the deputy secretary general of the alliance led by the United States. Moscow itself has “deprived of any content” the NATO-Russia charter, attacking Ukraine and interrupting dialogue with the alliance, Mircea Geoana told AFP. Under the 1997 Founding Act, intended to restore relations between Russia and the Alliance, both sides agreed to work to ‘prevent any potentially threatening build-up of conventional forces in agreed regions of Europe, including Europe. central and eastern “.

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00.10 – Kalush Orchestra sells the Eurovision trophy and donates 900 thousand dollars to the armed forces
The Ukrainian band Kalush Orchestra, which won the Eurovision Song Contest in 2022, sold the trophy at auction for $ 900,000: the proceeds will go to the Ukrainian armed forces for the purchase of three drones. Ukrinform reports it.

Here’s what happened on Sunday 29 May

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