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Ukraine-Russia: news on the war today 2 July

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Ukraine-Russia: news on the war today 2 July

The missiles that hit an entire Odessa condominium causing 21 deaths, including a 12-year-old child, and about forty injuries, are confirmation that Russia has changed strategy, hitting more massively than in the first part of the war. Moreover, Moscow also partly uses missiles that are part of the obsolete Soviet stocks and are less precise: they do not always hit the intended targets, that is strictly military ones, causing more frequent “collateral damage”, as analysts claim. Dozens of rescuers at work after the bombing on residential buildings, in which not all the apartments were inhabited. Residents would be around 150 – 200 people.

And while another mass grave with 100 corpses was found in Mariupol and temporary graves in the streets are gradually turning into permanent graves, several explosions have also been reported in Mykolaiv. The use of cluster bombs by the Russians is also likely in this case. As for the Donbass, according to British military intelligence, Russian ground forces have captured the village of Pryvilla, northwest of the disputed city of Lysychansk, and the Russians also claim to have completed the encirclement and to continue the approach to the city. sister of Severodonetsk.

The President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen spoke via video link to the Rada, the Ukrainian Parliament, for the first time since the granting of candidate status in Kiev. “There is a long way to go but Europe will be by your side every step of the way, until the moment you cross the door that leads into our European Union,” said Von der Leyen who dwelt on the need for Kiev to implement reforms and called on Ukraine “to focus on the anti-oligarch law”.

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The Nord Stream pipeline lines will be closed from 11 to 21 July. The announcement came from the operator Nord Stream who in a note stresses that the interruption is due to “maintenance work”. The company’s message underlines that the stop was necessary “to carry out planned maintenance works, including tests of mechanical components and automation systems to ensure effective, safe and reliable operation of the pipeline”. Thus European stocks are at risk.

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00.01 – Ukraine: Sports ministries of 33 countries ask for sanctions against Russia
Sports ministries of 33 countries signed a joint declaration calling for the suspension of Russia and Belarus’ membership of international organizations and banning the broadcasting of international sports competitions in these countries. The Polish minister of sport and tourism, Kamil Bortniczuk, made it known during a briefing, according to Tass.

Russian missiles on an apartment building near Odessa, 17 dead and dozens injured: the images of the relief efforts


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