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Ukraine Russia, news on the war today 23 September.

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Ukraine Russia, news on the war today 23 September.

It is the 212th day of war in Ukraine and according to CNN, which mentions two Western intelligence sources, Russian President Vladimir Putin would be giving direct orders to the generals engaged in conflict. Such orders “suggest a dysfunctional command structure” that weighed on the military operation, a source said. Other sources close to the American secret services told CNN of “significant differences” on where to concentrate Russian efforts.
The Russian General Staff reports that, following the partial mobilization announced by President Vladimir Putin, in the last 24 hours ten thousand citizens they presented themselves to military commissariats to fight how volunteers in Ukraine, without waiting for the convocation. In reality the exodus of Russian citizens who do not want to fight continues unabated. Protests are also mounting across the country against the Kremlin’s decisions. I’m more than 1,300 people arrested by the Russian police in the protests triggered after the “partial mobilization” ordered by President Putin. The data comes from the NGO Ovd-Info which currently has news of 1,307 people arrested in 39 cities in Russia. The city with the most arrests is Moscow, where the police dragged 527 people into their vans. In St. Petersburg there are 480 detentions.
And the rest is traffic of Russian citizens arriving in Finland increased crossing the border crossings in the south-eastern area. The data is from the Finnish border guard. Matti Pitkäniitty, head of the Border Guard’s international cooperation unit, says that a total of 4,824 Russian citizens arrived in Finland across the border yesterday. Compared to the Wednesday of the previous week, the number of arrivals was higher than normal. When 3,133 Russians crossed the border.
Il new EU sanctions package against Russia announced by the High Representative for Foreign Policy, Josep Borrell, and also mentioned by the President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen, will be presented informally to the ambassadors of the Twenty-seven “by the weekend”.
Despite the condemnations of the West, from today, at the start in Ukrainian regions occupied ai referendum for annexation to the Russian Federation. Former Russian President Medvedev reiterates that referendums “will be held and the republics of Donbass and other territories will be annexed to Russia”, underlining that to protect its territories, Moscow is also willing to resort to “strategic nuclear weapons and weapons based on new principlesLike the hypersonic ones. Meanwhile, I attack with 9 missiles yesterday morning by the Russian army on Zaporizhzhia. The still provisional toll speaks of a civilian killed and five others injured, while rescuers work to free other people who would find themselves under the rubble. Surrounding residential buildings damaged. According to local sources, a hotel in the city center, an electricity station and a television tower were hit.

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The case – Medvedev’s threats and the risk of atomic escalation
The story The mobilization in Russia becomes a raid, those who protest are recruited
Background – Prigozhin and the new bands of mercenaries and (11 thousand) convicts, the real danger for Putin. So Wagner’s boss “smells the blood”
History – The telephone joke of the NGO of Navalny to Peskov’s son: “You are enrolled among the reservists”. The reply: “I’ll work it out on a higher level …”
Analyses – Andrea Margelletti: “Putin’s atomic bombs are not a bluff, the war in Europe is getting closer and closer”

Russia, the mobilization of reservists for Ukraine has begun: in all cities the same scenes of tears and farewells


Updates hour after hour
00.15 – CNN: Putin gives orders directly to the generals on the ground. Sources: disputes recorded
According to CNN, which cites two anonymous sources linked to Western intelligence, Russian President Vladimir Putin is issuing tactical orders directly to generals on the ground in Ukraine, “an unusual strategy” for modern armed forces, which could indicate “a dysfunctional command structure. “. Wiretapping by Western intelligence overheard Russian officers arguing with each other or complaining to friends and relatives about orders coming from Moscow, one of the sources told CNN. The Russian commands, she adds, would be divided on the strategy to adopt to face the Ukrainian counter-offensive.

00.01 – Zelensky to Russians, protest against mobilization
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky called on the Russians to protest against the partial mobilization decided yesterday by Moscow. “For men in Russia, it is a choice: die or live, become a cripple or preserve health. For women in Russia, the choice is to lose their husbands, children, grandchildren forever, or in any case try to protect them from death, from war, ”he said. “55,000 Russian soldiers died in this war in six months. Tens of thousands of wounded, maimed. Do you want more? No? So protest, fight, flee! Or surrender to Ukrainian captivity, ”he added. “These are the options for survival.”

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