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Ukraine – Russia: news on the war today 3 November.

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Ukraine – Russia: news on the war today 3 November.

The 254th day of war in Ukraine begins with the decision of the UN Security Council regarding the Russian request to set up a commission of inquiry into the alleged “biological military” activities that Ukraine and the United States are conducting, in the opinion of Moscow, in violation of the convention that prohibits its use. An accusation that Russia has been supporting since January, but whose so-called “evidence” has so far been deemed irrelevant by the Council. The request was therefore rejected. Russia only got China’s favorable vote, while the US, France and the UK opposed Moscow’s request and the other 10 members of the Security Council abstained.

Meanwhile, forced evacuations of civilians from Kherson are underway, following the order given by the officials of the pro-Russian occupiers, while the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees has announced that 14 million Ukrainians to date are who they were forced to flee their homes in what has been described as “the fastest and largest displacement in decades”.

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23.45 – Zelensky: Russian blackmail on wheat did not work
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky celebrates the “diplomatic result” of the resumption of the wheat export initiative: “it will continue to work – he said in his evening speech – Russian blackmail has led to nothing”. Turkey, the UN and “other leading players in international relations have also reacted in a timely and equitable manner. Once again, everyone was convinced that in our region there is only one threat to global food security, and that is the Russian Federation, and no other ”.

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23.24 – Estonia prohibits the carrying of arms to citizens of third countries
The Estonian government today approved an amendment to the Law on the carrying of firearms which prohibits the issuance of new permits in favor of citizens of third countries residing in Estonia. The Estonian Radio and Television reports this. The new rule – which does not apply to citizens of NATO countries and the European Union – will cause the revocation of approximately 1,300 permits held mainly by Russian and Belarusian citizens residing in Estonia. The amendment provides for a two-year transition period. According to Interior Minister Lauri Läänemets, the law represents a further step to ensure a greater level of security in the country. “In the current situation,” the minister said, “we cannot allow citizens of hostile countries to carry arms freely.”

23.16 – The UN rejects the Russian request for an investigation into biological weapons
The UN Security Council has rejected Russia’s request to launch a formal investigation into its allegation that Washington and Kiev have biological weapons programs in Ukraine. Allegations that the two countries have repeatedly denied. Only China voted with Russia in favor of the draft resolution while the United States, Great Britain and France voted against, and the remaining 10 council members abstained. UN disarmament officials have repeatedly said they are unaware of any biological weapons program in Ukraine.

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