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Ukraine – Russia: today’s war news 25 November

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Ukraine – Russia: today’s war news 25 November

On the 275th day of war in Ukraine, the Russian offensive continues. Volodymyr Zelensky has accused Russia of “crimes against humanity” after a new massive missile attack caused blackouts across the country. The Ukrainian president said that the Russian “formula of terror” forced “millions of people to remain without energy supplies, without heating, without water, in the cold below zero”.

In Kiev, 70% of homes do not have electricity. There is no heating and water supply, although it works, it presents problems. The Zaporizhia plant is instead powered by emergency generators and three other nuclear plants are disconnected from the electricity grid. Half of Moldova is also in the dark and has complained to Moscow. But Tavriyskyi, one of the most densely populated districts of Kherson, from which Moscow’s troops withdrew on November 11, is also under attack: in all, 17 attacks were carried out.

Meanwhile, the search for a falling point on the gas price ceiling continues to divide Europe and the cracks are also widening to the Russian oil ceiling. With Moscow once again raising its voice: if there is an agreement, Vladimir Putin will give the order to punish all the countries that join by turning off the oil and gas taps. However, the road to the agreement of the Twenty-seven is still uphill and passes through a new extraordinary meeting of energy ministers – which will be convened, but it is not official, on December 13 – and the seal on the price correction mechanism.

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Updates hour by hour
23.36 – Rise to 7 dead after Russian raids on Kherson
The toll of Russian raids on Kherson has risen to 7 dead and 21 wounded. This was stated by Yaroslav Yanushevich, head of the regional military administration. UNIAN brings it back. «Today is another terrible page in the history of our city. Eternal memory to those who died at the hands of the Russian invaders. Sincere condolences to the relatives,” he wrote on Telegram.

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