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Ukraine, Russian military intercepted: “The dam blew up by Moscow” – World

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Ukraine, Russian military intercepted: “The dam blew up by Moscow” – World

Ukrainian intelligence has intercepted and released the audio of a telephone conversation between Russian officials in which they say they were the ones who blew up the Kakhovka dam and not the Ukrainians. Rbc-Ukraine reports it. “It was not they (Ukrainians) who hit the dam. There is our sabotage group. They wanted to scare people with this dam. It didn’t go according to plan, but more than they had anticipated,” says the officer Russian military intercepted describing the aftermath of the explosion.

In the Guardian’s translation of the audio from Russian, the first soldier says: “The main problem is that the hydroelectric plant cools their nuclear reactor (of the Zaporizhzhia plant).” And the second replies: “No problem. It will explode and it will be all over.” First Russian military: “So were ours. It’s not theirs (Ukrainians), it’s ours“. And the other says, “Really, was it ours? They said it was the khokhols (derogatory term for Ukrainians) who blew it up”. And the first soldier: “They didn’t blow it up. Our group of saboteurs is there. They wanted to cause fear with this dam. She didn’t go according to plan. (the result is) more than they had anticipated”. And the other: “Yes, well, of course. It will be like Chernobyl, right?“. The first military: “It was built in the 50s. It went down quickly, it went down (Kakhovka Hydroelectric Power Station).”

On the dam continues the release of responsibility, with Moscow and Kiev accusing each other of bombing evacuation areas. For the Ukrainians the toll is 5 dead and 13 missing, while Moscow claims 8 victims.

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The Norwegian seismological institute (Norsar) has taken over “an explosion” originating from the Kakhovka Dam region of Ukraine prior to the moment of the collapse. This data does not attribute an origin to the explosion, it supports the idea that the hydroelectric dam, located in an area under Russian control, has not collapsed due to the damage suffered during the previous months’ bombings.


“Very brutal battles are going on, but we are seeing results,” Ukrainian President Volodymyr said last night Zelensky, stressing that Kiev forces could gain territory in the Donetsk region, which is largely occupied by Russia. This was reported by the Kyiv Independent.

“They continue to bomb Kherson and the communities in the region, which have already been overrun by terrorists. They are also bombing the evacuation points, a manifestation of evil that perhaps no terrorist in the world, except Russian ones, has ever done,” he added this morning. Zelensky on his Telegram channel.

More than 40 firefights between Ukrainian and Russian forces have taken place in the past 24 hours in the Donetsk region, in eastern Ukraine: this was announced by the General Staff of the Kiev army in its daily report on the conflict. “The enemy continues to concentrate its main efforts in the directions of Lyman, Bakhmut, Avdiivka and Marinka, heavy fighting continues. Over the past 24 hours, 43 clashes took place in these areas of the front,” the report said.

The situation is tense in all areas of the front“, writes Deputy Defense Minister Hanna Malyar in Telegram, underlining that the Russians are failing to achieve their goals. “The east is the epicenter” of the clashes, comments the deputy minister. “The enemy continues to concentrate its main efforts in the directions of Lyman, Bakhmut, Avdiivka and Maryinka, and heavy fighting continues – he adds -. In all directions, the enemy conducts air, artillery and mortar attacks. However, the enemy fails to achieve its goals. Our defenders repel the attacks.”

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“In the direction of Bakhmut, the enemy is massing reserves and trying to hold positions. He tries to attack, but fails. Our defenders are currently engaged in active fighting in different areas of the Bakhmut sector,” Malyar continues. To the south, he concludes, “the enemy is conducting defensive operations in the Zaporizhzhia sector. Positional fighting continues.”

“Active fighting” has been going on since early hours today in the Zaporizhzhia regionRussian occupation administration official Vladimir Rogov said. “Currently fighting has resumed in Orikhiv and Tokmak districts,” on the current front line, Rogov wrote in Telegram. He did not provide further details, but according to Russian public television correspondent Alexander Sladkov, who runs a Telegram channel which is watched by more than a million people, Russian and Ukrainian “artillery” are at work, with troops in Kiev saying he’s on the offensive.

In its daily bulletin published on Friday morning, the Ukrainian army made no mention of the fighting. “The enemy remains on the defensive”, the Ukrainian command limited himself to writing on Facebook about the situation on the front in the Zaporizhia region

Also, according to reports by Russian military bloggers, the Ukrainian army during heavy fighting during the night managed to capture the positions occupied by three Kremlin regiments in the Zaporizhzhia region. The fiercest battles began at three o’clock in the morning
near Novodanilovka, Gray zone reports on Telegram, reporting that Kiev troops occupied the positions of outposts of the 291st rifle regiment, 70th regiment and 42nd rifle division of the South Russian military district.

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And in the meantime the Ukrainian Air Force announced that its air defense destroyed 10 drones and 4 Russian X-101/X-55 cruise missiles last night, noting that Russian forces have launched up to 16 drones and six cruise missiles on the country. This was reported by Rbc-Ukraine.

In particular, the Russian army carried out a rocket attack on the Zviahel community in the northern Ukrainian region of Zhytomyr, killing one person and leaving several others injured. This was reported this morning by the Ukrinform agency, quoting the local authorities.

“Following another missile attack from the enemy, a residential area in the private sector of our community was hit during the night of June 9. According to preliminary reports, six buildings were destroyed and dozens of others were damaged. Unfortunately, one person was killed. There are also injured people, who are receiving all the necessary assistance,” reads a statement from the Zviahel City Council posted on Facebook.

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