Ukrainian export on its knees

The Russian naval blockade has thus far throttled 90 percent of Ukrainian exports and food market forecasts say two things. In the first few months of 2022, the export of cereals from Moscow (including the grain stolen from captured Ukrainian warehouses) has grown by 18 per cent, while the Ukrainian one has collapsed by 32 per cent. And then, the production of 2022, started in the middle of the war, could reach 19.2 million tons against 33 million last year. At best.

the Russian Defense Minister, Sergej Shoigu, candidly explained that thanks to the bridge line created with the war conquests, Russian railways will now be able to resume railway traffic “in all respects” between Russia, Donbass, Crimea and the territory of Ukraine “in six railway sections “. He thinks as if the twenty percent he won in the Southeast was never New Russia.

Russia is the first cereal producer in the world, Ukraine is placed between the third and the fifth box in terms of volumes and after the invasion it will lose other quotas. Finally, the four major exporters in the world – all North American, led by “Carnill co.” – they know that stockpiling drives up prices, their earnings and speculation on food futures.

Zelensky’s alarm