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Ukraine, the street art of Tvboy on the walls of Kiev and Bucha: “This is my tribute to the victims of the war”

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Ukraine, the street art of Tvboy on the walls of Kiev and Bucha: “This is my tribute to the victims of the war”

A yellow and blue dove alighting on a chipped wall of the Irpin House of Culture and on an abandoned tank along the road between Kiev is Buchatwo children embracing next to the entrance to the changing rooms of the Irpin stadium devastated by bombs and a girl of their age drawing the peace symbol on the Bucha school: these are just some of the 15 works that the street artist Tvboy – often referred to as “the Italian Banksy” – has created in recent days in Ukraine, touching some of the places most affected by the conflict, almost a year after the start of the war with Russia.

The initiative of the artist, who has always carried strong political messages on the walls to push people to reflect on current issues, was carried out in collaboration with the non-profit organization Cesvi Foundation from Bergamo, promoter of numerous solidarity projects in favor of the Ukrainian population since the beginning of the hostilities. “Only by being here have I truly understood the strength and courage of the Ukrainian people – declares Tvboy – Leaving a sign of my passage on the streets of Kiev, Bucha and Irpin, cities scarred by Russian attacks, is my personal tribute to the victims of this and of all wars”.

For example, the urban artist has created one of his works in the Arcobaleno nursery school in Bucha, reopened after Cesvi repaired the extensive damage caused by the war, allowing 300 boys and girls to return to the classroom. Another 500 Ukrainian children benefited from the intervention of the Cesvi Foundation, which rearranged the rest areas of all the kindergartens that had been occupied by Russian troops.

Another work by Tvboy is significantly positioned near the first heating points (heated structures where it is possible to find shelter from the cold, but also food and hot drinks, biscuits and baby food for children, as well as power outlets for recharging mobile phones) set up in Bucha to deal with the cold emergency: Cesvi is preparing 11 heating points and has brought some generators to Ukraine to remedy the continuous blackouts, as well as activating the #UnacopertaperlUkraine fundraising campaign, which aims to help about 20 thousand people (mostly women, children and the elderly).

“The message contained in each work is one of rebirth and hope, hoping that the conflict will come to an end as soon as possible” continues the artist, who has publicly expressed his gratitude to the Cesvi Foundation: “I thank them for involving me in this project and to be close to the most fragile every day”. The Russian invasion of Ukraine began on February 24, 2022 and now, almost a year later, “Tvboy’s action helps to keep the spotlight on the emergency that the Ukrainian people are still experiencing every day” underlines Roberto Vignola, deputy general manager of Cesvi. For further information and to support the humanitarian activities of the Bergamo foundation in Ukraine, visit the website www.cesvi.org/educazioneukraina.

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