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Ukraine, the US strategy is killing Europe: an alternative to the warmongers is needed immediately

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Ukraine, the US strategy is killing Europe: an alternative to the warmongers is needed immediately

Biden managed to accomplish quite a miracle: it has cemented a great alliance between China and Russia, an alliance which has a very powerful geopolitical counterpart, founded on the Silk Road and on the proximity between it and Africa. This represents the other possible bifurcation besides Europe.

The meeting between the Russian and Chinese Presidents underway in Moscow, which marks the high point of relations between China and Russia in the modern age, would in fact not have been possible without the dual action of the US presidency: on the one hand, the eastward expansionism of NATO which pushed Russia to war in Ukraine, on the other – and it is the most important – economic sanctions, which have produced a real earthquake and redesigned the world order.

In the first place, the 300 billion dollars of the Russian Central Bank deposited abroad, which the US has illegally seized, has caused alarm in all the countries of the world. Faced with the biggest robbery of the century, the elites of all countries became concerned and began to exchange their dollar deposits for gold. Secondly, having put Russia out of the circuit of international exchanges in dollars has forced Russia to build alternatives: to sell its raw materials in rubles or in other currencies than dollars and replace the European importers with others.

Others are rapidly taking place around this rupture (oil paid in yuan) and a great process of aggregation has taken place around the BRICS. It’s not just an economic fact, but politico as shown by the unprecedented rapprochement between Iran and Saudi Arabia, both of whom are about to join the BRICS.

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I could go on but the point is very simple: the USA with their sanctions and their arrogance are favoring the establishment of an economic bloc larger than the western one and a military bloc of destructive power similar to theirs.

The only real reason for satisfaction for Biden comes from Europe, thanks to the immense idiocy of the ruling classes of that continent, who agreed to destroy the European geopolitical pole, transforming it into a US protectorate. On an economic level by cutting the umbilical cord with Russia and consequently the supply of low-cost raw materials. On the geopolitical level by agreeing to get increasingly involved in a war whose escalation it is destined to destroy Europe, before taking us into the third world war.

In front of suicide of the European Union, what does Italian politics do? The first of the class. When France and Germany expressed doubts, Draghi was the only prime minister of a major European country to fully side with the warmongering Baltic-Polish axis. It is no coincidence that he was awarded in the USA. Melons not only does it continue on the same road, but it travels at a brisk pace towards the full involvement of our country in the war. Choosing to donate to Ukraine sophisticated anti-missile systems in fact, it brought with it the training of Ukrainian soldiers in Italy and, very probably, the dislocation of Italian soldiers on leave to use those anti-missile systems in the field: they are not weapons that are used after a course of a couple of months.

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Italy is therefore becoming fully belligerent country. Faced with this situation Elly Schlein takes a position on any topic except the war; that is, he covers the warmongering action of Meloni, Crosetto and Guerrini. In Italy, the right-wing and centre-left ruling classes are accepting, in the name of subordination to the USA, to destroy a large part of what remains of the productive apparatus, to worsen the living conditions of the Italian people and to bring the country into war with Russia.

Right and center-left are therefore united on the essential: to bring the country to disaster and then make the Italians quarrel in a gigantic war between the poor, setting themselves the goal of leading the opposing factions. There are no adjectives to define these pimps disguised as elites heavily enough.

At this point someone will tell me: you are forgetting Conte and the 5 stars, which they openly are against the war. To whom this remark is addressed, I ask a simple question: is Conte willing to build an anti-war political pole in Italy, which stands as an alternative to the two warmongering poles at all levels? In a system governed by majority electoral laws, the answer cannot be ambiguous. To date, none of this has been seen and Conte, rather than building the alternative, seems to ape Fratoianni: occupying an electoral space pacifist to then bring that consensus into the agreement with the Democratic Party and its Atlantic loyalty (which has been included in the party’s charter of values).

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For this reason, today more than ever it is necessary to build the peace movement, against the war and found an alternative political pole on this perspective; as Unione Popolare tries to do.

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