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Ukraine war Russia today’s news

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Ukraine war Russia today’s news

The situation in Ukraine is becoming more and more dramatic, with repeated attacks on civilians now witnessed by multiple sources. In Kiev and many other cities, it is difficult to find food and water. Thousands of people try to escape the capital by boarding trains or driving to Poland, with queues and crowds at the border. Zelensky calls for Ukraine to be quickly considered for EU membership, while the US signs the expulsion of 12 Russian diplomats from the UN accused of espionage. Yesterday’s talks failed to obtain a truce, but will continue: the delegations say they have found possible common foundations. But in the meantime, bombs rain down on the district of Kiev and on Kharkiv. According to Human Rights Watch, cluster bombs have been used on the latter city and Ukrainian leaders do not hesitate to speak of “war crimes”. Meanwhile, the Italian Council of Ministers has approved the decree law on the sending of means, aid and weapons to support the country.

Updates in real time

00.18 – Unhcr: already 520 thousand refugees, a figure that is increasing exponentially hour after hour
There are currently 520,000 refugees from Ukraine in neighboring countries and the number is increasing “exponentially, hour after hour”. Filippo Grandi, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) said this to the United Nations Security Council. Grandi, who spoke to the council by teleconference from Geneva, said he had worked in refugee crises for nearly 40 years and had “rarely seen a rapidly growing exodus of people – the largest, certainly, in Europe, from times of the Balkan wars ”, reports CNN. “Over 280,000 have fled to Poland. Another 94,000 in Hungary, nearly 40,000 are currently in Moldova; 34,000 in Romania, 30,000 in Slovakia; tens of thousands in other European countries ».

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00.00 – Over 400 arrests in Russia for anti-war demonstrations
Hundreds of arrests in Russia during anti-war protests in Ukraine today. About 208 people were arrested during the protests in Moscow, 181 in St. Petersburg, according to the civil rights portal OVD-Info. Across the country, there have been at least 413 arrests in 13 cities.

The fifth day of the war: this is what happened

Ukraine, the last text message from a Russian soldier before he died: “Mom I’m at war, let’s bomb civilians. I’m afraid”

The Great Fear of the oligarchs close to the Kremlin who have become “pacifists”. And Abramovich goes to mediate the “negotiations”

Jacopo Jacoboni

Ruble on its knees, Russian central bank in check: thus the Kremlin economy is in collapse

Giuliano Balestreri

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