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Ukraine, Zelensky: the world protests today. At the UN, China votes with Moscow. Fire near Chernobyl

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Ukraine, Zelensky: the world protests today.  At the UN, China votes with Moscow.  Fire near Chernobyl

At the UN, the Security Council rejected the Russian resolution on the humanitarian situation in Ukraine, but Beijing voted with Moscow. In the United States, the NYT reveals, Biden has created a Tiger team to deal with the risk of a chemical attack from Moscow. There is expectation for today’s summits: EU Council, G7 and NATO summit. And one month after the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, President Zelensky invites people from all over the world to protest today: “Take to the streets and make yourself heard.” Kiev asks the West to send “offensive weapons” as a “means of deterrence”: the United Kingdom will deliver another 6,000 missiles. In two or three days, weapons from the US will also arrive. American President Joe Biden, for his part, asks Europe to go ahead with the energy sanctions against Moscow, but the EU is divided. Germany slows down. And the US will consider ways to increase supplies of liquefied natural gas to Europe in the coming weeks. There is also an alarm for a fire in the woods near Chernobyl, with firefighters at work. While the Russians destroyed a nerve bridge for connections with Kiev. Finally, the anti-aircraft alarms sound in Odessa.

Only China with Russia in the UN resolution

China sides with Russia at the UN. The resolution drafted by Moscow on the humanitarian situation in Ukraine and rejected in the Security Council has in fact obtained a single vote in favor, that of Beijing, against 13 abstentions. While speaking of the humanitarian situation in Ukraine, the text made no reference to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and Moscow’s role in the crisis. Russia “is trying to use the Council to hedge its actions,” said US ambassador to the UN, Linda Thomas-Greenfield. “Russia is not interested in the deterioration of humanitarian conditions,” she added.

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Biden creates “Tiger team” in case of use of nuclear, chemical or biological weapons

The White House has created a “Tiger team” to study a plan in cases of nuclear, chemical or biological attacks in Ukraine. The Tiger team, as it has been defined according to the New York Times, deals more generally with extreme situations, such as that of a possible attack on aid convoys or NATO weapons by Moscow. The team of officials is also studying a possible extension of the conflict to Moldova or Georgia, and has come up with proposals that will be discussed by the American president, Joe Biden, during the Alliance summit.

Johnson: from GB another 6 thousand missiles to Kiev

Britain will deliver 6,000 more anti-tank missiles to Ukraine, doubling arms deliveries to Kiev after the Russian invasion. “We cannot and will not remain without reacting and letting the Russians reduce Ukrainian cities to dust,” said Prime Minister Boris Johnson on the eve of the NATO summit scheduled for a few hours in Brussels.

Zelensky: “The world takes to the streets”

Ukrainian President Zelensky called on people from all over the world to protest today: “Russia’s war is not just the war against Ukraine. The significance of him is much broader, ”said the Ukrainian president, delivering his speech in English for the first time in a traditional evening video message on the street in Kiev. «Come to your squares, to your streets. Make yourself visible and make sure you are heard. Freedom is important, people matter, peace is important. Ukraine is important ». Zelensky also said, in an interview with The Republicthat the Russian blitzkrieg has failed, Kiev will defend itself to the end but asks for airplanes and means of air defense against attacks from the air, Putin will not stop and what is underway is a conflict that involves all of Europe.

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