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Ukraine, Zelensky’s speech in the US Senate is skipped at the last second

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Ukraine, Zelensky’s speech in the US Senate is skipped at the last second

Volodymr Zelensky did not participate in the virtual meeting with US senators which was scheduled for today at 3pm (9pm in Italy). The Democratic leader of the Senate announced it Chuck Schumer. “Zelensky, he didn’t make it… something happened at the last minute,” the senator said. The failure to participate comes as talks to provide further financial aid to Ukraine have stalled. The White House made it known on Monday that The United States will run out of funds to help Ukraine by the end of the year and that if Congress does not approve new aid there is a risk of bring Kiev to its knees. But the package that should ensure the new aid is struggling to advance due to the compensations in terms of migration policies requested by the Republicans. After having allocated around 70 billion in military, humanitarian and financial support to Ukraine since the beginning of Moscow’s invasion, last October Biden asked Congress to approve another ambitious aid package from 106 billion dollarswhich includes not only funds in Kiev but also to Israel and for the management of the migrant crisis.

Only a year ago the Ukrainian president came to Washington in person, welcomed with full honors at the White House and to Congress. But in these twelve months the scenario has changed: the war in Gaza has overshadowed the one in Ukraine, the counteroffensive failed, the US House is in the hands of Republicans hostile to the “blank checks” in Kiev and, with the presidential elections approaching, Biden has less room for maneuver than last year. According to the site Politicoin these days Zelensky would have sent his chief of staff, Andriy Yermak, the Ukrainian Defense Minister and the speaker of parliament to Capitol Hill to meet deputies and senators. It is possible that it was precisely the results of these talks that dissuaded the Ukrainian president and made him change his plans.

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