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Ukrainian drones sink another Russian warship, says Kyiv

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Ukrainian drones sink another Russian warship, says Kyiv

Ukraine’s military continues to strike blows against Russia’s Black Sea Fleet, with the latest attack resulting in the sinking of the 1,300-ton Russian patrol ship Sergei Kotov. The successful operation was carried out using maritime drones operated by Ukraine’s special unit Group 13 near the Kerch Strait, causing damage to the ship’s stern, starboard, and port sides, eventually leading to a fire on board.

This marks another significant victory for Ukraine’s maritime forces, which have been using drones to target Russian naval vessels with devastating effectiveness. In recent months, Ukraine claimed to have disabled around 33% of Russian warships, including the sinking of the guided missile cruiser Moskva in April.

The Sergei Kotov, one of Russia’s newest ships in the Black Sea Fleet, had only been afloat for a short time before being targeted by Ukrainian forces. With a range of 6,000 nautical miles and equipped with advanced weaponry, including a helicopter, a 57mm gun, and a modern air defense system, the ship was a valuable asset for Russia.

The successful attack on the Sergei Kotov highlights Ukraine’s strategic success in the Black Sea campaign, despite facing recent battlefield setbacks. The collaboration between the Ukrainian Navy and the Ministry of Digital Transformation in carrying out these operations demonstrates the country’s commitment to defending its sovereignty against Russian aggression.

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