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Ukrainians destroyed 10 tanks in the evening Info

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Ukrainians destroyed 10 tanks in the evening  Info

According to the Ukrainian media, their army destroyed 11 targets during the night.

Izvor: Youtube/Security Service of Ukraine

The Security Service of Ukraine states that they destroyed 11 targets in one night. However, Commander Oleksandar Sirski claims that the Russians are still attacking and that Bakhmut is still the epicenter of hostilities. The Security Service of Ukraine released a video of the destruction of Russian tanks and an armored vehicle. As they claim, for only one night they destroyed as many as 10 tanks.

In the publication, they also state that the special forces of the SBU unit “White Wolves” are responsible for this. “Our special forces destroyed the enemy’s equipment in the direction of Donetsk. One enemy BTR was also burned. In one night, 11 targets were destroyed in this way,” they wrote. Oleksandr Sirsky, commander of the Ground Army of Ukraine and the Eastern Group of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, said that Russia is attacking almost the entire eastern front. “However, Bahmut remains the epicenter of hostility. The fighting for the city continues. The enemy has engaged all its forces and is trying to break through the defenses on several fronts and completely surround the city,” he said, according to the Kyiv Independent.

Ukrainians destroyed 10 tanks overnight
Izvor: Youtube/Security Service of Ukraine

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