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Ullmann Tøndel and Reinsve to Cannes with “Armand” – Dagsavisen

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Ullmann Tøndel and Reinsve to Cannes with “Armand” – Dagsavisen

Halfdan Ullmann Tøndel is invited to the world‘s leading film festival with his first feature film. In the lead role is Renate Reinsve, who is the Cannes runner-up for the second time, after her breakthrough with The World‘s Worst Person.

This is reported by the Norwegian Film Institute on Thursday.

It is not everyday fare for debuting filmmakers, and the director himself has not taken an invitation for granted:

– This is the kind of thing you dream about, and hardly dare to hope for. It has taken nine years to realize this film since I first got the idea, and it feels unreal that it will now have its first meeting with the public at the world‘s most important film festival, says Halfdan Ullmann Tøndel in a press release.

Gives Reinsve credit

At the same time, he gives Renate Reinsve, who is well known from “The World‘s Worst Man”, and now the lead actor in Ullmann Tøndel’s film, the credit for making Armand come into existence at all, after a collaboration at Bergman’s summer resort Fårö nine years ago.

– Me and Renate recorded a short film together there in 2015. It was so strong for both of us that we just had to work together again. After all, it takes a long time to get a film financed, and I’ve had a lot of doubts in the past decade, but Renate has been a rock. The night she won the award for Best Actress in Cannes, she sent me an SMS: “Think how good this is for our film!”, says Ullmann Tøndel in the press release.

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Reinsve plays Elisabeth, who is called to a parents’ meeting at short notice. Her son is accused of something unclear, and soon things are out of control, with both the principal, nurse and parents involved.

Reinsve says that the lead role in Armand is the most demanding thing she has done:

– Halfdan and I have been close friends since Fårö, and we are a very good match artistically, but part of our match is also that we like to push things very far. This role really demanded everything I had. The Armand recording was so intense that I lay flat for two months afterwards, says Reinsve in the press release.

Dagsavisen has tried to reach Reinsve without success.

Three world premieres in Cannes

Another thing to note is that Andrea Berentsen Ottmar, the producer of “Armand”, has managed the prestige of having his only three fiction films world premiere at Cannes: “The World‘s Worst Man”, “Sick Girl” and “Armand”.

– I’ve had the pleasure of working with some fantastic directors until now, but this is the first time we experience traveling to Cannes with a debut film. It is an incredible recognition of Halfdan and the qualities of Armand. This means that our film gets the best possible start to a life on big screens all over the world, she says in the press release.

Armand will have its world premiere in the Un Certain Regard program during the Cannes Film Festival. In Norway, the film has an ordinary cinema premiere on 27 September.

In some perspective

According to NTB, “Armand” will compete against 14 other international films in the Un Certain Regard category, which aims to highlight innovative films that are slightly different from what is otherwise shown at Cannes, creating attention for younger filmmakers. The winning film will eventually be distributed in France.

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According to NTB, the films are “Norah” by Saudi Tawfik Alzaidi, “The Shameless” by Konstantin Bojanov from Bulgaria, “Le Royaume” by Corsican Julien Colonna, “Vingt Dieux!” by French Louise Courvoisier, “Who Let the Dog Bite?” (“Le Proces du Chien”) by French Laetitia Dosch.

“Black Dog” (“Gou Zhen”) by Chinese Guan Hu, “The Village Next to Paradise” by Somali Mo Harawe, “September Says” by Greek-French Ariane Labed, “L’Histoire de Souleymane” by French Boris Lojkine, “The Damned” (“Les Damnes”) by Roberto Minervini from Italy, “On Becoming a Guinea Fowl” by Zambian-Welsh Rungano Nyoni.

The last three in the Un Certain Regard category according to NTB are “My Sunshine” (“Boku No Ohisama”) by Hiroshi Okuyama from Japan, “Santosh” by British-Indian Sandhya Suri and “Viet and Nam” by Truong Minh Quy from Vietnam.

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