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Uncertain Europe. Piazza Affari on equality

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Uncertain Europe.  Piazza Affari on equality
(Tiper Stock Exchange) – Uncertain session for the stock exchanges of the Old Continent, which closed with a fractional increase. On the other hand, the square in Milan is left behind, unable to catch the wind of purchases. On the American market there has been considerable progress for theS&P-500.

Slight growth ofEuro / US Dollar, which rises to 1.089. L’Oro the session continued on the rise and advanced to 1,994.3 dollars an ounce. Oil (Light Sweet Crude Oil) shows a timid gain and marks -0.56%.

Slightly up spreadwhich stands at +180 basis points, with a timid increase of 2 basis points, with the yield on the 10-year BTP equal to 3.95%.

Among the European lists essentially unchanged Frankfurtwhich reports a moderate -0.04%, a sharp decline for Londonwhich marks -0.89%, and remains close to parity Paris (+0,11%).

Closing on parity for the Milan Stock Exchange, with the FTSE MIB which stands at 26,482 points; on the same line, remains at the starting line the FTSE Italia All-Share (Business Square), which stops at 28,656 points, close to the previous levels.

Slightly positive the FTSE Italia Mid Cap (+0.32%); as well as, in fractional progress the FTSE Italia Star (+0,63%).

On the Milan Stock Exchange, the value of trades in today’s session amounted to 1.88 billion euro, up from 1.9 billion in the previous session; while the volumes traded today went from 0.48 billion shares in the previous session to today’s 0.52 billion.

Of the 435 stocks traded, 184 shares closed lower. By contrast, 146 shares brought home an increase. The other 105 shares on the Italian list moved little.

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Between best performers of Milan, in evidence Inwit (+5,21%), Terna (+2,71%), Snam (+1,76%) e STMicroelectronics (+1,72%).

The strongest sales, however, fell on Saipemwhich finished trading at -3.43%.

Under pressure BPM Bankwith a sharp drop of 3.01%.

He suffers DiaSorinwhich shows a loss of 2.52%.

Prey of sellers Tenariswith a decrease of 2.25%.

Between best stocks in the FTSE MidCap, Salcef Group (+5,56%), Mondadori (+3,68%), Love (+3,36%) e than (+3,31%).

The strongest declines, however, occurred on Nora Industrywhich closed the session at -4.82%.

Bad performance for Sara’swhich records a drop of 4.01%.

They focus their sales on Antares Visionwhich suffers a drop of 2.71%.

Sales on Secowhich records a drop of 2.33%.

(Ticker) 23-03-2023 18:02

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