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UNIONTRASPORTI 8 urgent works identified for the competitiveness of the Veneto business system – Current affairs

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UNIONTRASPORTI 8 urgent works identified for the competitiveness of the Veneto business system – Current affairs

Companies and trade associations in the Veneto have identified 8 urgent works for the competitiveness of the regional business system presented in the new edition of the “White Paper on the infrastructural priorities of the Veneto” indexed with a traffic light key with respect to the expected implementation times: the strengthening of the port hub and Venice airport with a central role in the Port of Venice-Rodigino ZLS (unique in Northern Italy); the decongestation of the road network of the lower Veneto region (SR10, SS309, accessibility to the south of the urban hub of Verona); finally, 3 priorities are related to the outlets of the region towards the north and are highly critical due to disputes with the territories neighboring Veneto, accessibility to the Brenner Pass, extension of the A31, extension of the A27.

In the national context, the region proves to be a resilient territory, capable of making the most of its strengths: in 2022 it confirmed itself as third in Italy in terms of wealth produced, with a GDP growing by +8.4% compared to 2019 and a important contribution deriving from exports (45.5%), which grew by +26.2% compared to 2019, mainly achieved by road.

Among the strong points, the strategic geographical position plays in favor, as it is a crossroads of central multimodal nodes of the trans-European transport network (interports, airports, ports) protecting the Baltic-Adriatic, Mediterranean and Scandinavian-Mediterranean corridors.

The national survey on logistical and infrastructural needs highlights a positive perception of Veneto companies with respect to the current regional infrastructural structure.

A new element of this edition of the White Paper are the territorial performance indicators (KPIs), broken down in relation to transport and logistics infrastructures, digital and energy infrastructures, which quantify the gap of each provincial territory compared to the national average.

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The KPIs confirm the excellence of the Veneto transport system with a leading role in the North-East and national macro-area context, especially with respect to the logistics sector, where 4 provincial territories fall into the national top 10 (PD, VR, RO, VE), and the orientation towards the green and digital transition.

The large infrastructural gap in the Belluno area remains, an area which is strongly influenced by the orography, the distance from the main multimodal nodes and traffic backbones. In view of the 2026 Winter Olympics, it is hoped that this territory will accelerate a series of infrastructure interventions.

This was discussed today in the Verona Chamber of Commerce during the event “The infrastructural priorities of the economic world for a more competitive Veneto”, organized by Unioncamere del Veneto with the technical support of Uniontrasporti.

The initiative is part of a national “Chamber Roadshow” on infrastructure issues which involves the 19 regional territories participating in the Infrastructure Program promoted by the Italian Unioncamere through the 2021-2022 Equalization Fund.

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