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United Kingdom: Archie is dead, dying two hours after the hospital took down the machinery

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United Kingdom: Archie is dead, dying two hours after the hospital took down the machinery

ROME. Archie Battersbee is dead. The Royal London Hospital today unplugged the machinery that kept the British boy alive for months in a coma and brain dead for months. Two hours later he passed away. The 12-year-old has been in a coma since last April when he was found lifeless, with a noose around his neck, in his home in Essex, the victim of an online challenge that ended badly. The mother, Hollie Dance, who and the whole family waged a painful legal battle to keep the plug from being pulled off, said she did everything she could: “I did everything I promised my baby I would do.” After several appeals to the British courts and the intervention of the European Court of Human Rights, the family tried in recent days without success to allow Archie to be taken from the hospital to a hospice so that he could die in a peaceful situation, with his family, away from the noise of the Royal London machinery. «I will always hear that beep – added the mother -. Such a beautiful baby. He fought to the end ».

Legal battle
The brain-damaged 12-year-old British boy was now at the center of a legal battle over whether to continue his life support system. He died after a hospital ended treatment, his family said. Archie Battersbee’s parents have unsuccessfully appealed to the highest British courts and the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) against the interruption of life support. They also failed to convince the courts to authorize Archie’s transfer to a death hospice. Doctors treating Archie in a London hospital stated that continuing with life support would not be in his best interest and that moving the boy to a hospice could make his situation worse. The child had been unconscious since he injured himself in the family home in Essex, east London in April. “I’m the proudest mom in the world, she’s such a beautiful baby and she fought to the end,” Archie’s mother Hollie Dance told reporters outside the hospital.

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“It’s not a dry leaf”
In recent days, prayers and waiting for the fate of Archie Battersbee against the medical choice to remove his life support. The Vatican media wrote yesterday: “Archie is not a dry leaf, he is a child in flesh and blood, as were Charlie Gard, Alfie Evans and Tafida Raqeeb, treated in Italy after the tug-of-war with the London health authorities . Healing does not only mean healing, but taking charge: of those who are suffering, of those who are weak, of those who are fragile. This costs much more, in economic and investment terms, than disconnecting the machines that keep a person alive, but it is the mirror of a society that recognizes itself as a creature and therefore protects and helps man or a self-referential society. , which, having cut all links, exploits, destroys and devours. In ICU, life is the intermittent sound of a monitor or pump that brings air to the lungs. Life is sacred, always. Yet some have to die because laws, sentences, other people have decided that this must be the case. Archie Battersbee, is twelve years old and until recently he went to school and played in one of the most advanced cities in the world, London, at least according to economic and development parameters ». Yet, Vatican News adds, “his country not only fails to protect him, but does not listen to his mother Hollie and father Paul, who want to try every means to save the life of their son. Archie has been in a coma since April 7th. They found him unconscious, with marks around his neck as if he had tried to choke, no one knows why, the hypothesis is that of a crazy online game. From that date on, mum and dad, instead of being supported and supported, fight against those who should seek every way to save their lives “. For the doctors of the London Royal Hospital, the portal of the Holy See highlighted yesterday, “there is nothing more to be done: it is brain death and the condition is irreversible, therefore all treatments that keep the child alive must be suspended. Hollie continues to reiterate that doctors from other countries, including Italy, are willing to try to save Archie’s life. Four months of legal battles, internal and external appeals, which reached the European and United Nations offices, but all the doors have remained closed so far, nothing has stopped the specter of death ».

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Everything possible

Today the 12-year-old, who had fallen into a coma four months ago, passed away surrounded by his mother and other family members. “I did everything I promised my son that I would do for him,” said the mother. On April 7, the boy was found unconscious, with a rope tied around his neck, at the top of a flight of stairs in his home in Southend, Essex. The incident, the dynamics of which is unclear and which some attribute to a dangerous challenge launched on the internet, caused irreversible brain damage to the 12-year-old, first admitted to the local hospital and then transferred to the London Royal Hospital, where today doctors removed him. from the machines that allowed him to breathe.

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