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United Nations Climate Conference, Mayor of Zhongluo Tests Positive for COVID | Jasidi | United Nations Climate Change Conference | Mayor of Los Angeles

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[Epoch Times November 05, 2021](Epoch Times reporter Wen Hui compiled a report) Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti (Eric Garcetti), when attending the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Glasgow, Scotland, on Wednesday (3rd) -19) The test is positive. The seven staff members who attended the meeting with him all tested negative.

The announcement on the mayor of Los Angeles’ Twitter indicated that “Mayor Jassidi tested positive for COVID-19 earlier today, but he feels good and is in isolation in a hotel room.”

In accordance with the anti-epidemic guidance of the United Nations conference, Jasidi had to do self-nasal swab tests frequently throughout the trip, and the results have been negative, including two negative results on Wednesday. On Tuesday, the mayor and his staff underwent a PCR test and were scheduled to return to the United States on Thursday, but Jasidi received a positive test result on Wednesday.

According to CNS reports, Jasidi’s scheduled participation in Wednesday’s panel discussion on urban challenges and solutions to the climate crisis in the New York Times was cancelled. In a noon interview with ABC7 in the hotel room, he said: “I feel very good. Thinking about the benefits, the test results may be false positives. In the worst case, there are only mild symptoms.”

“I am going to fly back to Los Angeles tomorrow morning, but when your PCR test is positive, we have to follow the rules and procedures here in Scotland. I may stay in the room these days.” Jasidi said if it turns out to be positive , He will have to quarantine for 10 days. He has received the Modena vaccine and plans to get a booster shot.

On Monday, the mayor of Los Angeles announced in front of the heads of state that the climate leadership coalition “C40 Cities” (Jassidi was the chairman), composed of 97 cities, had received pledges from more than 1,000 cities and local governments to join the coalition’s “Ben”. Race to Zero” campaign. In the past few days, Jasidi has been with the C40 delegation, including mayors from 12 international cities within the alliance. On Monday, the delegation took a 4.5-hour train from Euston Station in London to Central Station in Glasgow.

In Glasgow, Jasidi was in close contact with London Mayor Sadiq Khan and former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg. The former was nominated to replace Jasidi as the chairman of the C40 city, and the latter is currently serving The United Nations “Special Envoy for Climate Ambition and Solutions” and the global ambassador for “Towards Zero Carbon” and “Towards Resilience” activities.

Jasidi said on Wednesday afternoon that he had not contacted President Joe Biden during his trip (he has appointed Jasidi as his next ambassador to India). He also said that all people attending the UN Climate Change Conference have been vaccinated. ◇

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