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University Distributed Enrollment Central Plains University Enrollment Achievement Rate No. 1 in Private University | Higher Education |

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University Distributed Enrollment Central Plains University Enrollment Achievement Rate No. 1 in Private University | Higher Education |

[The Epoch Times, August 15, 2022](The Epoch Times reporter Xu Naiyi reported in Taoyuan, Taiwan) The 111 (2022) school year has released the university admissions list. In the face of the low birthrate storm affecting Taiwan’s higher education, we insist on running the school with the concept of “whole person education”. Central Plains University, with an enrollment achievement rate of 98.1%, is the highest achievement rate among private comprehensive universities in Taiwan, surpassing most national universities, and its excellent school performance has been recognized by all sectors of society.

In response to changes in the environment and technology, Central Plains University keeps pace with the times. (The picture shows the “manipulator” developed by artificial intelligence technology) (provided by Chung Yuan University)

According to the information announced by the University Examination Admissions Distribution Committee, there are 14,493 enrollment vacancies in Taiwan, and 12 universities have a vacancy rate of more than 80%. The vacancy rate of Zhongyuan University is only 1.9%, and the enrollment achievement rate is as high as 98.1%. The best ones are trusted by students and parents.

The teachers and students of the Department of Asset Management of Zhongyuan University have won the first place in the industry-university cooperation group of the “National Information Application Competition” for four consecutive years. (Provided by Central Plains University)

Li Yingming, President of Zhongyuan University, said that running a school with an “educational concept” is the biggest feature of Zhongyuan University. Zhongyuan University upholds the spirit of Jesus Christ’s love for the world, and is committed to higher education with faith, hope and love, and has cultivated more than 140,000 alumni. Shine bright in all areas of society.

Affected by the declining birthrate, when higher education is facing a difficult environment, Chung Yuan University has had a 100% registration rate for freshmen in the university department for 2 consecutive years, ranking first in Taiwan for 4 consecutive years! The stability rate of school attendance also won the first place in Taiwan’s private universities! Zhongyuan University has 7 colleges including science, engineering, commerce, law, design, human education, and electricity and finance. In response to the changes in the general environment and technological development, the direction of study and research keeps pace with the times. The Ministry of Education established the “School of Smart Computing and Quantum Information” through Chung Yuan University in July this year. It is the first school in Taiwan focusing on quantum computing, and will cultivate more talents in quantum computing.

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“Foresight” magazine and 104 Human Resources Bank recently released the “Top 5 Ranking of Private Universities ‘Starting Salary vs. Tuition’ Investment Rate”, Chung Yuan University is the only school among all private universities in Taiwan that has all the “Five University Groups” on the list.” Law and Politics Group” even won the first place in private schools! It proves that the various colleges of Chung Yuanyuan University develop in a balanced and high-quality manner, and the graduates cultivated are “companies’ favorite” talents, and the return on tuition investment is the best.

Chung Yuan University has made many achievements in recent years. For example, it has been awarded the “Excellent Unit of Industry-University Cooperation” by the Chinese Society of Engineers for seven consecutive years and a total of 14 years, breaking the record of public and private universities in Taiwan; it has been awarded the World University Ranking Center (CWUR) for six consecutive years. The first place in the comprehensive university; the 2020 academic paper citation impact index (CNCI) all research fields, ranking fifth in the public and private comprehensive universities in Taiwan. It has excellent performance in teaching, tutoring, research, and industry-university cooperation.

The university distributes admissions, and Zhongyuan University’s enrollment achievement rate has won the first place in a private comprehensive university, which once again proves that in this changing era, Zhongyuan University’s constant and persistence in “whole person education” has been recognized by all sectors of society. support. ◇

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