Red Hot are ready to ride their new wave of energy. You can have a night experience in these shops for purchase.

I Red Hot Chili Peppers they are ready to make their comeback. What do we mean by this title? That there is practically a list of stores that have joined the night sale on the day of the release of the new titled album Unlimited Love. So if you are a fan of this great band, know that the work will be released on April 1st and you can drop by the night in one of the shops listed at the end of the article. If you are lucky enough to live nearby, you will be able to have this new experience of buying a record, you just have to agree with the shopkeeper.

This is the short teaser trailer that the band had released to start teasing fans. Their energy is ready to be released again and this is also confirmed by the words they declared during an interview, words that seem to us very much in line with everything we are experiencing and which we hope can really be heard in a clear abstract sense:

We wholeheartedly desire to be a light in the world, to uplift, connect and bring people together. Each song on our new album UNLIMITED LOVE is a facet of us, reflecting our vision of the universe. This is our life’s mission. We work and focus and prepare so that when the biggest wave comes, we are ready to ride it. The ocean has given us a powerful wave and this album rides it. It is the sum of our lives.

For those who will not be able to live the night experience, know that you can buy it from the site Amazon both in CD format That vinyl format there is also a page for the cassette format.

  • Flying Saucers @MILAN – Ripa Di Porta Ticinese 47
  • Disc Jockey 70 Cremona @CREMONA– Via Bordigallo , 1
  • Palio Di Morino Elio E Minola @BIELLA – Via Italia 10
  • Muzak Records @CUNEO – Corso Nizza, 27
  • Corner Of Music @UDINE – Via Aquileia , 89
  • Discoclub65 @ GENOA – Via San Vincenzo 20r-28r
  • Photo By Carlo Di Ferrario Nadia @VALLECROSIA – Via Col. Aprosio 151/153
  • Symphony By Palomba Fabrizio @LIVORNO – Piazza Cavour, 23
  • Flying Saucers @VERONA – Via Fama, 7
  • Pistellie Bartolucci @FERRARA – Corso Della Giovecca 2/4
  • Semm Music Store & MORE @BOLOGNA – Via Oberdan 24/F
  • Exit Music Snc Di AG & C. @SAVIGNANO -VIA Tapparelli , 43
  • Sky Stone And Songs @LUCCA – Piazza Napoleone 21-22
  • Cory Music Vieri N. & C. @AREZZO – Corso Italia, 89
  • Musical House Raffaello Niccoli @PRATO – Via Dei Tintori Nr. 20
  • Disco Shop Of CFLT& C. @POGGIBONSI – Largo Campidoglio 30
  • Maistrello Music by M. [email protected] – Via Delle Orchidee, 6
  • Sound Graden @L’AQUILA – Corso Vittorio Emanuele 110
  • Firefly Snc Di Laguardia E Figli @POTENZA – Vico D. Asselta 5/7
  • Disco Market @CATANIA – P.Zza Stesicoro 37
  • Culture Lab @NAPOLI-  Via Morghen 31 C/F
  • Disclan by E. Maysse @SALERNO – Via Roma 32
  • Caramillo Brillo Discs @AVELLINO – Via PS Mancini 9
  • Music Center CV& C. @BARI – C.So Vitt.Emanuele 165
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