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UNRAE The commercial vehicle market continues to grow in 2024: +35% in January – News

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UNRAE The commercial vehicle market continues to grow in 2024: +35% in January – News

The growth of the commercial vehicle market continues (up to 3.5 t of gross vehicle weight) also in 2024. The first month of the year in fact marks an important +35% and 17,920 vehicles registered, approximately 4,700 units more than 13,239 in January 2023.

The structure of the market in January 2024, with almost definitive data, compared with the same period of 2023, among the sales channels highlights the loss of 2.5 points of share for private individuals, to 15.2% of the market, albeit with volumes double-digit growth. Long-term rental drives the market, thanks to the push from the Top companies, gaining 8.7 points of share and reaching 35.1% of the total; the short term reaches a 6.1% share (+0.3 pp). Car registrations fell by 2.5 points, to 7.3%, while companies struggled to maintain first position, losing more than 4 points, to a 36.2% share in January.

On the engine front, diesel gained 2 points of share in January, to 82.4% of the market. The petrol engine remains stable at 4.1% share, as do hybrid vehicles at 8.6% of the total. LPG loses more than 1 point to 2.8%, methane drops to 0.1%. BEVs also lose their share by 0.6 points, to 1.9% of the total, plug-ins represent 0.1%.

The weighted average CO2 of vehicles with GVWR up to 3.5 t in January grew by 4.2% to 194.9 g/Km (compared to 187.1 g/Km in the same period in 2023).

Last February 1st, Minister Adolfo Urso illustrated at the automotive table, in the presence of UNRAE and other sector associations, the new incentive scheme for 2024, which welcomes the requests strongly supported by UNRAE.

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As is known, the Prime Ministerial Decree that will be specifically issued provides, in particular, four points that redesign the incentive scheme for commercial vehicles: 1) the attribution of the bonus for zero-emission vehicles both with and without scrapping; 2) the extension of the incentive to other fuels, including diesel, against scrapping and with decreasing amounts; 3) the inclusion of rental companies, limited to the purchase of electric and hydrogen vehicles, with the obligation of a discount on rental fees for companies using the incentivized vehicles; 4) confirmation of the graduality of the bonus based on the mass of the incentivized vehicle.

“We hope that the new incentives will become operational as soon as possible, also in consideration of the waiting effect regarding BEV vehicles, given that their market share in January fell to 1.9% against the average of 3, 1% recorded in the entire year 2023”, comments UNRAE President Michele Crisci. “To achieve maximum diffusion of charging infrastructure – concludes Crisci – UNRAE once again reiterates the request to provide a 50% tax credit for private investments in fast charging (over 70 kW) at least until 2025”.

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