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US-China, at APEC there is evidence of dialogue in view of Monday’s virtual summit between Xi and Biden

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Fight against the virus, economic recovery, technological cooperation and sustainable development. By pursuing “true multilateralism and a dialogue without confrontation”. Here are the priorities of Xi Jinping, also launched – to better reiterate his concepts and ingratiate himself with the New Zealand hosts – in the quotation of a Maori proverb: “Success is never that of an individual, but always that of a collective”. To underline, therefore, that “China will work with everyone” to build a “shared” future and open “a new chapter for cooperation in Asia-Pacific”. Having emerged stronger than ever from the Party Plenum that has just ended, Xi wanted to recall how his China has begun “a new journey towards the construction of a modern socialist country” that “will expand its openness in a convinced way and share its own development opportunities with APEC members and with the rest of the world “.

Working together against Covid, promoting the research, production and fair distribution of vaccines, Xi points out. Remembering – in a long-distance challenge with the US president Joe Biden – that China has promised two billion doses to the world by the end of the year: “And we have already delivered 1.7 billion”. As if to say: America, if you are there, give it a shot. The Chinese president insists that we must stick to “dialogue rather than confrontation, inclusion rather than exclusion and integration rather than decoupling” (another implicit, but not too much, reference to the US). Against the backdrop of tensions with Washington, especially regarding the Taiwan issue, Xi had already tried to tone down on Thursday, in another video message delivered on the sidelines of the APEC summit. “Asia-Pacific cannot and must not fall back into confrontation and division of the Cold War era. Attempts to draw ideological lines or form small circles on a geopolitical basis are doomed to fail.”

According to the statement from the White House, the intervention of the American President Biden focused above all on the objective of strengthening economic relations with the Pacific region, with the aim of developing fair and open trade. The US then underlined that it had delivered 64 million doses of vaccines to APEC member countries, thus responding to the initiatives taken by China.

Washington’s goal is to reopen channels with Asian countries after the Trump era, while presenting an alternative model to that of Beijing. Biden and Xi will discuss it during the digital summit scheduled for Monday, which comes on the wave of bilateral tensions that have been growing for months now, but also of the step forward made with the climate agreement negotiated in Glasgow by the special envoy John Kerry and its Chinese counterpart Xie Zhenhua. We will now see if it is an isolated case, or a first result on which to start building.

Washington, however, also received half disappointment from the APEC summit organized by New Zealand, because it failed to obtain acceptance of its candidacy to host the next appointment in 2023. The blockade this time did not come from China, but from Russia , which opposed it because in exchange it demanded that the Americans remove some of its diplomats from the black list of unwelcome people. The stop is not definitive, but it confirms the now explicit rivalry between the autocracies and the US.


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