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US congressman: Biden missed an opportunity to not talk to Xi

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[Voice of Hope November 18, 2021](Reported by our reporter Li Yuan)After the meeting, the U.S. congressman stated that he considered that the Chinese Communist Party virus has caused many Americans to lose their lives. During his meeting with Xi Jinping, Biden did not mention the source of the virus that caused the pandemic. Biden missed it. a chance.

On November 18, U.S. Congressman Rob Wittman said in the “Wake America” ​​program on Newsmax TV station: “We know that the’enhancement’ research of the Wuhan laboratory led to the escape of the virus. There have been significant influences in various places. Biden did not fail to raise this topic, or even tried to hold the CCP accountable, failed to ensure that the CCP is transparent about what happened in Wuhan, and did not hold them accountable for what happened. This is unreasonable. This This is not what American leaders should do when they contact Xi Jinping.”

According to information from the White House, Biden and Xi Jinping had more than three hours of conversation via video. They discussed issues such as trade and human rights, but did not discuss the origin of the epidemic, which angered conservatives in the United States.

Congressman Whitman said: “The only thing Xi Jinping understands is that there is a leader who will fight back against them and hold the CCP accountable. When you don’t do this, you are showing weakness. Xi Jinping and the CCP will take advantage of this.”

At the same time, Congressman Whitman has sent a letter to Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, urging her not to pass the “Build Back Better” bill, but to provide federal funding for defense.

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Congressman Witman believes that Congress did not pass the National Defense Authorization Act by providing funding for national defense to fulfill its constitutional duties, but “inverted the priority.”

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