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US Holds Democracy Summit, Mainland People: Hope to Decouple Completely from the CCP | Taiwan | Biden Administration

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[Epoch Times November 25, 2021](The Epoch Times reporter Luo Ya interviewed and reported) US President Biden will hold the first online “Democracy Summit”. The 110 invited democratic countries include Taiwan, but there is no CCP With Russia. The people on the mainland said that this summit is a global political mobilization against dictatorship and autocracy.

The Democracy Summit will be held from December 9th to 10th and will involve three main topics: combating corruption, authoritarianism and promoting human rights. According to the plan, Tang Feng, the political affairs committee member of the Taiwanese Council, and Xiao Meiqin, the representative to the United States, will represent Taiwan at the meeting.

The news attracted the attention of the people on the mainland. They told The Epoch Times that the United States should have openly accepted Taiwan long ago, and give full play to the value of Taiwan’s freedom and democracy to influence the Chinese world. It is hoped that the world democratic camp will encircle and suppress the CCP and completely sever relations with the CCP.

“The existence of Taiwan dwarfs the other side”

Chen Siming, a political dissident in Zhuzhou, Hunan, told the Epoch Times reporter that the long-awaited news has finally been confirmed. “This proves that Taiwan is the real member of the international family. I am happy for Taiwan.”

On the 24th, State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi approved the U.S. Democracy Summit, instigating divisions in the world under the so-called banner of democracy, instigating camp confrontation with ideology, and carrying out so-called American reforms of other sovereign countries.

Mr. Chen, a doctor of law in Beijing, told The Epoch Times that the United States hosted the democratic conference and 110 countries participated, especially the invitation of Taiwan to participate. This would definitely make the CCP angry. “But this is precisely the issue of democracy, constitutionalism, and the rule of law. The United States, Democracies such as Europe and Australia must compete with the CCP unswervingly and unswervingly, and never give in, and there is no reason for compromise.”

According to the Central News Agency, an anonymous spokesperson for the US State Department said that Taiwan’s participation in the Democracy Summit demonstrated Taiwan’s “world-class expertise” on issues such as transparent governance, human rights, and countering false information. This is in line with the “One China Policy” of the United States.

Human rights lawyers who are inconvenient to sign in Beijing told the Epoch Times reporter that Taiwan was excluded by the international community under the tyranny of the CCP. This is an abnormal phenomenon, and it has slightly returned to normal now.

He said that as a democracy in Asia, it should be accepted by other democracies around the world. Taiwan should also actively participate in international affairs and participate in the regional defense system. “The existence of Taiwan dwarfs the other side.”

Finally, he said that the United States, as the guardian of the free world, should have openly accepted Taiwan a long time ago. This time it finally took a step.

The CCP’s two-faced faction expects the U.S. political arena and the public to recognize it

Political dissident Chen Siming believes that this democratic summit is a global political mobilization against dictatorship and autocracy, and hopes to be held once a year.

He suggested that “the summit should best form a new international organization or institution to supplement the inherent functional defects of the United Nations, and even look forward to replacing the United Nations.”

As for the results of the summit, he thinks it depends on whether specific plans and plans can be produced. It remains to be seen. “If the United States successfully convenes the summit and achieves fruitful results, Biden is expected to be as famous as President Roosevelt in the history of the United States and the world.”

Mr. Chen, a doctor of law, believes that the Biden administration may begin to recognize the CCP this time when the Biden administration is hosting this democratic summit, but he emphasized, “I look forward to the entire political arena in the United States, including ordinary people, to fully recognize the CCP’s good things. Evil deeds, this kind of evil two-faced faction. Uphold the principles of democratic constitutionalism, human rights, and the rule of law to the end, and exert sufficient pressure on the CCP internationally.”

“Democratic countries completely sever relations with the CCP”

Dr. Chen recalled that since the Chinese Communist Party came to the WTO, European and American countries have taken a fancy to the so-called CCP market, putting economic and trade interests first, and gradually even deliberately abandoning the combination of human rights, democracy, rule of law, and constitutionalism. .

He said that the multinational companies in the European and American business communities are profiteering and “lobby their governments to delink trade from human rights and democracy. So this will further allow the CCP to take advantage of international trade.”

Coupled with the fact that the CCP is reselling land and plundering its own people, especially farmers, the CCP’s money bag is becoming more and more full, and it has openly provoked and challenged the entire international mainstream democratic society.

Dr. Chen said that in order to obtain benefits from China, the world’s largest market, the international community has gradually abandoned the basic principles of democracy, human rights, and the rule of law. Taiwan itself has not made a clear-cut banner of democracy in recent years, leading to Taiwan’s international space. Getting narrower and narrower.

He believes that the influence of Taiwan’s democracy and the biggest democratic card in the Chinese world is far from being exerted, making the CCP more and more arrogant. He appealed: “Taiwan will give full play to its democratic values ​​and play the democratic card of Taiwan to influence the entire Chinese world.”

Dr. Chen hopes that Biden will be able to resolutely fight the Soviet Union to the end like President Reagan in the 1980s, form a world democratic camp, encircle the evil regime of the Chinese Communist Party, and completely sever relations with the Chinese Communist Party.

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