Home World US midterm elections 2022: Why the economy may decide where the votes go – BBC News

US midterm elections 2022: Why the economy may decide where the votes go – BBC News

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US midterm elections 2022: Why the economy may decide where the votes go – BBC News
  • Nada Tawfik
  • BBC reporter from Ohio, USA

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Americans who will vote in this week’s congressional elections will have one big question on their minds — the economy. This is good news for one of the parties.

In Circleville, Ohio, there’s no better way to herald the start of fall festivities than the annual Pumpkin Show. It has been called “the best free exhibition on earth”.

For some residents and voters this year, the only thing heavier than that 1,800-pound pumpkin is the cost of living burden.

Kari Stephens, 50, said the economy was in such a dire situation right now that it was like being “thrown down the toilet”.

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