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US News 2023 World University Rankings Released! Is your school on the list? – MBAChina Net

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US News 2023 World University Rankings Released! Is your school on the list? – MBAChina Net

As we all know, the four authoritative world university rankings are the Times Higher Education World University Rankings, QS World University Rankings, Academic Ranking of Global Universities, and US. News World University Rankings.

Previously, the Times Higher Education World University Rankings, QS World University Rankings and Academic Rankings of the World University of Science and Technology released the latest World University Rankings one after another. Finally, on October 25, US News, long overdue, announced the latest 2023 U.S. News. World University Rankings, which is the ninth time USNews has released global university rankings.

(Photo source | US News official website)

This ranking covers universities from 95 countries and a total of 2,000 institutions. Both the number of countries and the number of schools have increased compared to last year. In addition, in the subject area rankings, four subject area rankings have been added, for a total of 47 specific professional rankings.

1. Ranking indicators

The USNews World University Rankings pay special attention to the overall academic research and reputation of the school, rather than individual undergraduate or graduate programs, so it can help students comprehensively and accurately compare institutions of higher learning around the world.

This ranking is calculated through 13 indicators and weights. The specific ranking indicators are as follows:

Global academic research reputation: 12.5%

Regional academic research reputation: 12.5%

Publishing Index: 10%

Book publication index: 2.5%

Seminar and conference discussion index: 2.5%

Standardized Paper Citation Impact Index: 10%

Total academic paper citation index: 7.5%

Number of papers published in the top 10% cited: 12.5%

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Ratio of publications to the most cited 10%: 10%

International collaboration: 5%

Percentage of total publications with international collaborations: 5%

The number of papers cited in the “Top 1% Most Cited Publications” in the representative field: 5%

Percentage of publications in the “top 1% of most cited publications”: 5%

2. TOP10 universities are basically unchanged

The top 10 universities in this list have not changed much compared to last year, and are still dominated by the two countries with the most abundant higher education resources in the world, the United Kingdom and the United States.

The position of the world‘s top 5 universities is exactly the same as last year. Harvard holds the top spot, followed by MIT, Stanford, UC Berkeley, and Oxford.

The 6th-10th universities are: University of Washington, Columbia University, Cambridge University, Caltech and Johns Hopkins University.

3. Strengthening the strength of Chinese universities

In this world university ranking, Chinese universities have also made significant progress.

Tsinghua University is still ranked first in China, an improvement of 3 places compared to last year, ranking 23rd in the world, ranking first in China and first in Asia.

Peking University ranks second in China, ranking 39th in the world, an improvement of 6 places from 45th last year.

Shanghai Jiaotong University and Zhejiang University entered the global TOP 100 for the first time, and Shanghai Jiaotong University ranked 89th, an improvement of 16 places compared to last year’s 105th! Zhejiang University rose 22 places from 115th last year to 93rd.

Universities in Hong Kong, China, performed equally well.

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The University of Hong Kong rose 23 places to 53rd.

The Chinese University of Hong Kong has risen 27 places from 82nd last year to 55th this year.

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and the Hong Kong Polytechnic University are both in the Top100 rankings, ranking 95th and 100th respectively.

How is it, is it the result everyone expected? The World University Rankings can show you the strengths of colleges and universities in all aspects. We can see the differences in the emphasis of colleges and universities from the data; it can also give you a reference for choosing a college and choose the ideal college in your mind; at the same time, It can also give you employment support.

For example, one of the policies for optimizing the settlement of talents announced by Shanghai clearly states that those who graduated from the top 50 universities in the world can directly settle in Shanghai. Those who graduated from universities ranked 51-100 in the world can apply for settlement after 6 months of social security payment.

According to the official explanation given by the Shanghai People’s Association: the top 50 in the world, and the top 100 institutions are listed in accordance with the relevant authorities of the British Times Higher Education, US News & World Report (US News & World Report) , QS World University Rankings (Quacquarelli Symonds World University Rankings), Shanghai Ranking’s Academic Ranking of World Universities (Shanghai Ranking’s Academic Ranking of World Universities)

Not only Shanghai, but also the talent policies of many places, and even company recruitment, will use the world university rankings as one of the criteria for selection.

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Therefore, although we should be wary of the “ranking theory”, we must also realize that the world university rankings still occupy an important position in the world.

Finally, let’s take a look at the performance of Chinese universities in this world university ranking.

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