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US President Biden turns 79 today: “But I challenge you on the downturns”

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WASHINGTON. US President Joe Biden turns 79 today. The oldest president in US history has reached this milestone with two political successes: the congressional approval of the nearly one billion dollar infrastructure plan, and the green light of the House to the Build Back Better Act since 1900. The green light to the welfare and climate plan, something that hadn’t been seen for fifty years, and that reminded American commentators of Franklin Roosevelt’s “New Deal”, brought back the smile in “old Joe”, as they call him in his Wilmington, in Delaware. The “New Deal”, if it passes the last exam in the Senate, is destined to change the lives of Americans, because it provides a series of tax breaks and access to medical and school assistance for millions of people of the middle class and weaker.

From today the number 79, like the years of the president, will officially become a political factor. Even if the theme is not new. During the election campaign, an Iowa farmer, aged 83, said that Biden seemed too old to be president. “And then – he added – just see how it moves slowly.” Biden had replied, saying he was available for a challenge to whoever did the most push-ups or a run or an IQ test.

The duel never took place, but Biden knows he has to dispel any doubts about his age. Ronald Reagan, the oldest before him, left the White House in 1989 when he was 77 years and 349 days. Last year a group of doctors tried to send comforting messages, saying that – from the analysis of the life expectancy of the Biden family – the president could be almost 97 years old. The mother died at 92, the father at 86.

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If the predictions were true, and Biden were to follow in the footsteps of another Democratic president, centennial Jimmy Carter, the prospect of re-nomination for the White House would remain intact. Its spokesperson, Jen Psaki, argues that behind this mantra of age is a social-fueled conspiracy, but it applies to everyone. Donald Trump himself, who is considering running for the 2024 presidential elections again, will be 78 in three years.

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