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US-Russia Fighting Law: Putin criticizes the US for nonsense, Biden says he will not use force for Ukraine_与US_Russia_Threat

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Original Title: US-Russia Fighting Law: Putin criticizes the US for nonsense, Biden says he will not use force for Ukraine

Chinanews, December 9th, a comprehensive report, Russian President Putin and US President Biden held a video meeting on the 7th. The two sides “tricked” around the Ukraine issue. The United States threatened to increase sanctions on security grounds, and the Russian side called the situation in Ukraine. Russia is not responsible for the upgrade. After the meeting, Putin and Biden were still “fighting law” in the air. Putin criticized the US for threatening sanctions under the guise of security. It was nonsense. While the Biden administration sent weapons to Ukraine, it said that the US would not use force to protect Ukraine.

Data map: On June 16, local time, Russian President Putin and US President Biden met in a villa named La Grange in Geneva, Switzerland.

U.S. threatens sanctions on security grounds

Putin: nonsense

During the US-Russian summit video meeting, US President Biden strongly stated that the US and its European allies are “deeply worried” about Russia’s strengthening of its military deployment in the Russian-Uzbek border area. Biden also uttered ruthless words that if Russia takes military escalation actions, it will face “strong” economic sanctions and other response measures from the United States and its allies.

In response, Russian President Vladimir Putin replied that imposing restrictions and sanctions on the grounds of US security is completely nonsense and an attempt to contain Russia’s development.

Putin said in an interview with young scientists: “These restrictions and sanctions are implemented under the pretext of ensuring the security of the United States. What does your college (the Moscow Institute of Engineering Physics, National Nuclear Energy Research University MEPhI) threaten the security of the United States? No, it’s completely. It’s nonsense. There is only one explanation-an attempt to curb development.”

Putin also stated at a press conference after the meeting with Greek Prime Minister Mizotakis that NATO’s eastward expansion through Ukraine is Russia’s most important strategic security issue.

“We have publicly raised it many times and warned our partners that we do not accept this kind of behavior.” Putin also said that Moscow will make Russia’s security proposals to the United States within a week.

U.S. continues to send weapons to Ukraine

Biden: The United States will not use force for Ukraine

When Biden threatened Russia with economic sanctions, the United States did not forget to continue its military aid to Ukraine. US Pentagon spokesman Kirby said that the US will deliver guns and ammunition to Ukraine this week, which is the last batch of military assistance planned for this year.

Kirby said at a press conference: “President Biden approved US$600 billion worth of military aid, and the final part will arrive in Ukraine this week.”

He stated that the Ukrainian army will receive guns and ammunition. The United States expects that the Ukrainian military can “responsibly and for the purpose of self-defense” use US anti-tank systems and other weapons, but it does not limit the area.

Although a large number of weapons have been provided to Ukraine, the United States has stated that the US military will not “get off the field in person.” Biden has stated that the United States and NATO are not obliged to use force to protect Ukraine “when it is under aggression.”

He told reporters: “According to the fifth clause of collective defense, if NATO allies are attacked, we have moral and legal obligations to them, but these obligations do not apply to Ukraine.”

Because Ukraine is not a member of NATO, the possibility of using US troops to protect Ukraine is not on the agenda of the US government.

Recently, some Western media reported that Russia is gathering troops near the Ukrainian border, which Russia has repeatedly denied. Russian President’s Press Secretary Peskov stated that Russia is free to mobilize troops on its own territory. This does not pose a threat to any aspect and should not be disturbed. Moscow believes that the West wants to use Russia’s possible invasion of Ukraine as an excuse to deploy more NATO military equipment near the Russian border.Return to Sohu to see more


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