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US suspicions: “Moscow seeks pretexts to invade Ukraine”

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New york – Moscow has infiltrated saboteurs in the eastern regions of Ukraine, with the aim of causing an accident that gives it an excuse to invade the country. The accusation comes from a senior official in the Biden administration, who shared it via email with the Cnn and other American media, right at the end of the week which in theory should have re-launched diplomatic dialogue with the Kremlin. “Russia – revealed the source – is laying the foundations to have the possibility of fabricating a pretext for the invasion, including through sabotage activities and disinformation operations, accusing Kiev of preparing an imminent attack against Russian forces in Ukraine Oriental”. The alarm continues as follows: “The Russian army plans to start these activities several weeks before a military invasion, which could be triggered between mid-January and mid-February. We had already seen this pattern in 2014 in Crimea.”

Jens Stoltenberg: “With Moscow understood far away. Putin wants to dominate the neighbors, but we will react “

by our correspondent Claudio Tito

Intelligence information comes from interceptions of communications and observations on the ground: “Russia has pre-positioned a group of agents to conduct a false flag operation in eastern Ukraine. They are trained in urban warfare and the use of explosives, to carry out acts of sabotage against Russia’s own proxy forces “. Then he concluded: “We are very aware of the fact that Moscow will try to invent a pretext to carry out a coup attempt”. The Kremlin, through the mouth of the spokesman Peskov, denied: “So far, all these statements have not been confirmed by anything”.

US-Russia talks on Ukraine, border soldiers and diplomacy: Putin’s chess game

by Rosalba Castelletti

Just yesterday, however, the Ukrainian government suffered a digital attack, similar to those launched in the past by hackers in the service of Russia. The revelation came as two senior White House officials held a briefing with a group of European newspapers, including Republic. The sources said that “Putin has not yet decided whether to follow the diplomatic path, or to launch an intervention, which could be military or hybrid”. Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov has launched a sort of ultimatum, saying that he expects answers within next week on the requests made to block NATO: “This request – explained the White House sources – shows that in reality the diplomacy phase it’s not over”. The Americans hope that the Russians have learned one thing from last week’s talks: “We are ready to negotiate, but also to respond harshly to an intervention. The Alliance is one hundred percent united.” In this context, Italy must accept that attention to the southern front takes a back seat: “We do not want to minimize the problems that Russian involvement generates in Libya, but in Ukraine it creates the possibility of a war in Europe. extremely seriously, because it threatens the stability of Europe and the entire rules-based international order. “


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