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US: Trump’s former CFO admits tax fraud

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US: Trump’s former CFO admits tax fraud

Allen Weisselberg, for decades one of Donald Trump’s trusted men, has struck a deal with the New York District Attorney that can make the former president tremble: the historic former financial director of the Trump Organization has acknowledged his role in a series. of tax fraud. The admission of guilt will allow him not to serve a sentence of up to fifteen years in prison, and to spend probably only a hundred days behind bars. Weisselberg, writes the New York Times, will not be asked to cooperate with prosecutors investigating Trump’s corporate tax fraud, but he will have to admit guilt in all fifteen crimes he has been charged with.
Furthermore, and this is the most important aspect, if called in the courtroom, the former financial director will have to testify as a witness at the trial for the Trump Organization and explain what was his role in the scheme put in place to evade taxes. Testimony could become the key prosecution passage in the Trump trial, scheduled for October.

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