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Usa 2024, uphill road for Trump (who fears deserted rallies). And the Democrats would like a younger candidate than Biden

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Usa 2024, uphill road for Trump (who fears deserted rallies).  And the Democrats would like a younger candidate than Biden

Il November 5, 2024, the day of the US presidential elections, is still far away. Nevertheless democrats e republicans they are already organizing themselves in view of the appointment. There election campaign will actually start after next summer, but the candidacies are taking shape and the themes are being clarified. In the democratic field, the decision of is awaited Joe Biden. The president has repeatedly alluded to his willingness to appear in the 2024. Large sectors of the match e of the democratic electorate they would prefer a different candidate, younger and more dynamic, less marked by the fatigue of governing. Until Biden he will not announce his decision, everything among the Democrats still stands still. The emergence of an alternative candidate a Bidenbefore the decision of Biden, it would be an unacceptable lack of respect for him. The Republican field is much more lively, where various descents into the field are being prepared. Nikki Haleyformer US ambassador to the UN during the administration Trump and former governor of South Carolina, is set to announce her candidacy for the White House on February 15 at Charlesto and will be the first Republican candidate to challenge the tycoon in the primary. Then we talk about the current governor of New Hampshire, Chris Sununu. There is talk of a Senator, still from South Carolina, Tim Scott. However, the two big names in the Republican campaign should undoubtedly be Donald Trump, the only one to have already officially announced participation in the 2024 presidential elections; And Ron DeSantisthe governor of Florida, who many indicate as the candidate with the most chances of winning. Is Trump That DeSantis in the days that have just passed they have been the protagonists of facts and events that give a clearer meaning to theirs candidature and anticipate a furious confrontation in the Republican party.

New Hampshire and South Carolina. Donald Trump’s first rallies – It happened on the weekend just past. Trump left his Mar-a-Lago residence, got on his Boeing 757 and flew to campaign. TO SalemNew Hampshire, e Columbia, South Carolina, the first two events of the “Trump Make America Great Again! 2024”. “They say I don’t do rallies anymore, which I don’t do campagna electoral, that I have lost the old pace – said the former president -. And instead I’m here, angrier and more committed than ever ”. The choice of two States it’s not random. New Hampshire e South Carolina are at the top of the Republican calendar for the 2024 primary. The events were interesting for several reasons. Trump has not chosen arenas or sports halls to host thousands of supporters. Maybe because, at this stage of the campaign, he fears he won’t stir up the old enthusiasms and be haunted negatively by the image of the empty stands. Rather, he has preferred narrower, party-based occasions.

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A Salem spoke at the Republican Party’s annual meeting New Hampshire. In South Carolina appeared in the local Capitol building. On both occasions, there were a few hundred politicians and activists listening to him. The attempt was to present himself once again as the “man of destiny”, the kingmaker, the inevitable choice for US conservatives. From Nikki Haleythe former governor of South Carolina, Trump she said: “He called me to tell me what he is thinking about apply”. He added, perfidiously: “He assured me that he would not do it, in case I came back”; but in the end he showed himself to be magnanimous: “I said he has to think about it”. Much more contemptuous was the reference to Ron DeSantis, the most formidable opponent. “I got him elected. I chose it. And it was unfair,” he said Trump. In his first two electoral events, the former president tried to convey the sense of a united party behind his candidacy. In South Carolina he showed up with the governor of the state at his side, Henry McMaster and the Senator Lindsey Graham. In fact, the consensus referred to Trump enjoys not so monolithic. At the rally in South Carolina, for example, the chairman of the Republican party and five state deputies were missing. And large sectors of the Republican leadership of the New Hampshire they are organizing “Ron to the Rescue”, a super Pac which supports and funds DeSantis’ candidacy.

The run of Donald Trump the Republican nomination 2024 therefore appears much more bumpy than he wants to believe. Unlike 2016, Trump is faced with a party that is much more difficult to implode with populist appeals, exacerbation of conflicts, beatings of anti-politics. The Republican party, in these seven years, has become a populist party and Trump he is forced to chase after a creature that he has helped to feed. It is no coincidence that, right in New Hampshire e South CarolinaTrump has for the first time set aside the usual complaints about fraud electoral and has launched into invectives that are an integral part of the rhetorical baggage of his main opponent, Ron DeSantis. For example, he announced that, if he is elected, “he will eliminate i funding for all those schools that support critical race theory and leftist ideology of the gender”. A theme of which own Ron DeSantis in recent months he has become a champion, as we will see in a moment, and which shows Trump’s current difficulties: used to anticipating, shuffle the cards, to go on the attack, now forced to chase and suffer the blows of those who manage to be more controversial than him.

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Race e gender. The Battles of Ron DeSantis – The conservative physiognomy of the governor of Florida was known. The events of these days – the clash on curricula of African-American study in Floridathe constant attacks on the critical theory of race and on the “woke ideology” – have however marked a leap of quality and anticipate what could happen in the most inflamed months of the presidential campaign. The political fortune of Ron DeSantis it has always depended on his ability to maneuver and glorify cultural issues: religion, identity, gender, ethnicity and racial affiliation. DeSantis he was the champion of the so-called “don’t say gay” law approved in Florida in early 2022: the one that forbids teachers of the public schools of the State, up to the third grade, even just to mention in class at issues homosexuals. His positions on the transgender: from the prohibition for transgender students to use school toilets according to their gender of choice to the other prohibition for transgender women to compete in women’s sports competitions. More recently, DeSantis worked to deny health care to Florida children with gender dysphoria. His positions against abortion are no less clear-cut. DeSantis signed a law that prohibits abortions after 15 weeks, even in cases of rape or incest. However, the governor could want more: a provision that bans all types of abortions from the moment in which the fetal heartbeat is perceived, therefore around six weeks. As for the immigration issue, DeSantis took sensational initiatives. He recently came under investigation for using public funds, intended for the Covidto pay for the airfare of dozens of immigrants controversially sent to Martha’s Vineyardparadise of the rich progressives.

In short, this politician volcanic and enterprising he understood very well, as before him Donald Trump, how much “social issues”, cultural, identity and gender issues, have become essential for a large part of the republican electorate. And he insisted on those, with the aim of making his state the Florida, a paradise of technological innovation and economic opportunities, with a cultural substratum which is, however, that of the most rigid Christian conservatism. Judging by surveys and election results, he was right. DeSantis enjoys a very high level of approval in florida, easily won re-election for governor and is preparing to enter the 2024 election campaign as a favorite (a poll Usa Today of last December shows it ahead a Trump by 23 points).

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A series of recent positions have shown his further ideological stiffening. DeSantis enthusiastically supported the move into Florida of the so-called “Stop the WOKE Act”, the provision that aims to attack the alleged indoctrination of the youngest on the subject of racism. WOKE stands for “Wrong to Our Kids an Employees,” and according to DeSantis and the Republicans, it is what undermines race relations in America. In US schools, ai would be instilled Boys bianchifrom an early age, a sense of guilt for the racism suffered from neri. The “Stop the WOKE Act” therefore prohibits teachers of the Florida to allude to facts or theories that may lead a student to believe “that he is personally responsible of actions committed in the past on the subject of race”. It’s about a norma confusedof doubtful applicability and which has only one goal: to give minor visibilityin state schools, to America’s white and racist past.

A few days ago the new crusade started. The administration of DeSantis banned teaching in high schools of the Florida of an advanced course in studies African-Americans. According to the administration, the course “promotes the idea that the modern society americana oppresses blacks, others minorities and women, has an address in Black Queer Studies that this administration deems inappropriate and uses scholarly articles by critics of capitalism.” “We want education, not indoctrination,” he explained DeSantisarousing the enthusiasm of those who believe that the “critical theory of race”, the idea of ​​a profound racism, inherent in the American system, is what undermines the values ​​and institutions of United States. Some, among the same allies of DeSantisbut they are more dubious. To win the 2024 presidential election, DeSantis it needs a part, even a small one, of black vote and some minorities. The recent positions taken instead seem to be made to alarm and indignant large sectors of these communities. For now, the governor however, he goes on his way, regardless of the controversy raised, mindful of how the shootings on race, gender, identity helped Trump in the 2016 electoral campaign. His bet for the 2024 it is basically the same. Don’t be afraid to uncover the pot of antiques resentments e wounds. Continue to blow on racial conflicts and identity clashes. Championing a white America that doesn’t have to apologize to anyone or anything.

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