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Usa, flash mob style theft alarm: dozens of thieves in action together in luxury stores

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There is an alarm in the United States for the repetition of organized thefts in the style of flash mobs with dozens of thieves acting simultaneously. The phenomenon, very cinematic and organized in detail probably through social media – has prompted various luxury chains in the US to strengthen security and lock up the goods, just as the Christmas shopping season begins.

The last one to be hit a few days ago was a Nordstrom warehouse in Walnut Creek, east of San Francisco, California: about 80 masked people, arrived on site with 25 vehicles, entered the megastore and looted expensive products. within a few minutes without acts of violence and then fleeing.

On the same day, a group of 40 people ransacked a Louis Vuitton store in Union Square, also in San Francisco, and flew into numerous cars. Similar blows also occurred near Chicago, where another Vuitton store was targeted by a smaller gang – 14 people – who then fled with more than $ 100,000 in loot in luxury bags and clothing.

This is the third such attack suffered by Vuitton in the Chicago area. Flash mobs are almost always recorded by security cameras, with images bouncing off national networks. Thieves act protected by masks; the police are working on video footage showing the cars used by the gangs.


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