Home World Usa, girl asks police for DNA test on cookies for Santa Claus: “Tell me if it’s real”

Usa, girl asks police for DNA test on cookies for Santa Claus: “Tell me if it’s real”

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Usa, girl asks police for DNA test on cookies for Santa Claus: “Tell me if it’s real”

“Dear Cumberland Police Department, I took a sample of a cookie and carrot that I left with Santa and the reindeer on Christmas Eve and would like to ask you to take a DNA sample to find out if Santa is real?” . A simple question written in pen on yellow lined paper. From which you can’t escape. Especially if well-wrapped “finds” accompany the letter.

Scarlett Doumato, a 10-year-old girl from Cumberland, Rhode Island, intrigued and perhaps tired of fairy tales, decided to dig deeper and really find out who she’s dealing with every year on the night between December 24 and 25: Santa Does Claus, that gentleman that everyone portrays with the white beard, dressed in red, who gets carried away on a sleigh pulled by majestic reindeer, really exist?

On Christmas morning little Enola Holmes woke up and decided to find the answer to her question by herself. She collected her “evidence” by taking the remains of the biscuits and carrots, she bagged them in some plastic bags and sent them to the police in her city. All accompanied by a letter, in which she asked not for a vague answer, but for a DNA test.

The package was received by the police chief, Matthew Benson, who on Twitter on January 20 warned the community and, in particular, the little detective that he had launched an investigation to confirm the identity of Santa Claus. “This young girl has a keen sense of truth and investigative process and has done an extraordinary job packing her evidence,” Benson wrote. We will do our best to provide you with an answer.”

A few days later the policeman confirmed to the little detective that his team had received a report on the presence of a man dressed in red and with a long white beard in his neighborhood. “We are still actively investigating – announced the police on January 24 -. A person of interest responded to HQ today. More information will be released soon.”

It won’t be enough for the little girl: she’ll want the results of the DNA test. Meanwhile, authorities have asked residents to stay tuned for more information. Dear Santa Claus, next year watch out for cookies.

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