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Usa, storm on right-wing deputy, children with rifles in a Christmas photo

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New storm on the young US Congresswoman, Lauren Boebert, for posting a photo with her four children in front of the Christmas tree holding rifles complete with sniper sights. “The Boeberts have your back Thomas Massie. We will spare no ammunition for you,” tweeted by the far-right exponent.

The reference is to the other Republican deputy who a few days ago posted a similar photograph with the whole armed family in front of the tree, and under the words “Merry Christmas”. All this just a few days after the umpteenth tragedy of weapons in the US, with five teenagers killed at school by a fifteen-year-old friend of theirs.

Rifles, family and Christmas tree: the absurd photo of the deputy from the American right

Already in recent days Boebert had ended up in the eye of the storm for having ironed on the democratic deputy of Muslim origins Ilahn Omar calling her a ‘suicide bomber’, a suicide bomber. Now the speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has asked to evaluate whether it is appropriate to withdraw all the positions that Boebert has in some commissions. The attack on Boebert by the deputy from the democratic left Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who accuses the Republicans of feeding the culture of violence and war is tough.

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