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USA: Supreme Court rejects a New York law limiting the right to go armed

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USA: Supreme Court rejects a New York law limiting the right to go armed

The Supreme Court of the United States has rejected as unconstitutional a law of the state of New York that for over a century restricts the right to carry a weapon not visible outside your home. “Since the state of New York only grants public firearms permits to those who demonstrate a special need for self-defense, we conclude that this regime violates the Constitution“, we read in the sentence written by Clarence Thomas and supported by the other five conservative judges, with the three liberals against.

Biden urges the Senate: “Immediately the bipartisan law on weapons”. Delaware bans assault ones

A victory for the arms lobby

This is the first important ruling of the Court in defense of the second amendment, the one considered in defense of the right to possess weapons, in over a decade. And this ruling may also have an effect in other states that have adopted laws similar to that of New York for the authorization to circulate armed.

Usa: senators present bill on close weapons

The decision comes at a time when the arms debate is heated in the United States, following the recent Texas elementary school massacre, and for the first time in 30 years, a bipartisan agreement was found in Congress to approve a package of measures. for greater control over arms sales. The decision is in fact a victory for the arms lobby.

Biden’s disappointment

“I am deeply disappointed.” Thus begins the comment of the US president, Joe Biden, on the decision of the Supreme Court to extend the right to carry arms outside the home, without the need to have a declared “necessity”. “Since 1911 – he added – the State of New York has required individuals who carried a weapon to prove the need to do so. More than a century later the Supreme Court decided to strike down on the authority of New York in protecting its own. citizens. This decision contradicts both common sense and the Constitution, and must deeply concern us all. ” “In the aftermath of the terrible attacks in Buffalo and Uvalde – continues Biden – we must do more as a company, not less, to protect our fellow Americans”.

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